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Laundry Folder (DIY)

I always used to hate laundry when I  was back home.Here, we have automatic machines fortunately but still…I am lazy….. folding and ironing both are time taking tasks.A family with three active kids, My laundry basket is always full even a minute after I finished my last load.

I was looking for the laundry folder but couldn’t find in store anywhere affordable.I checked online and it’s almost $20 plus shipping. After watching some tutorials online, I made one…A simple and cheap…Let’s start!


I got sink Mats from the dollar store and make one under 10 (Less).I bought 6 sink mats and duct tape.The size of the mat is approximately 9 inches x 12 inches.


Place sink mats in order to 2×3, I attached the duct tape in order like the picture below.Make sure you tape individually so the mat can be foldable, follow the number and directions.

23905645_10155616280630791_4817123211244701827_nIt’s really easy to make, just use a strong tape and that’s it, your very own laundry folder is ready.


Place shirt in the middle of the mat, then fold right side first. Now flip the left side, and finally the 5th mat to complete the fold.Its so easy even your kids can do it.My 5-year-old Bilal love to help.

You can make with card boxes, you need 6 same sized cardboards.Cut the desired equal size and that’s it.


See how easy to fold shirts in seconds, It took almost less than half time I normally spent without it.Make one and ask your kids to fold their own.20171121_133910.jpgI am sure you will love and have a huge relief after.Make one and Enjoy your most hated chores (Like me).

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Tie & Dyed Tangerine Cushion

I admit It was one of my wish to have a “Tie and Dyed” custom piece in my home.I had so many Tie and Dyed dupattas even Saree in my Jehaz and I just love to have them.It was done by professional  Rungraz back home (sadly we don’t have such services here).I couldn’t wear plain Dupatay/ scarf, and no clue why I am like that!

I am so excited! I’ve made my very own Tie and Dyed cushion, and yes it is a great success!! Are you ready!!

20171118_130336.jpgI used powdered Dye in “Tangerine Orange”, it’s a small pack of 50 gm.Liquid dye is easy to use but it’s expensive so I thought let’s try this small packet first if it gets fail I will stop dreaming about it…make sense right!

let’s start!


Fabric Dye (Liquid /powdered)

Fabric( cotton/canvas )

Stainless steel Bowl/Bucket

Rubber Bands



Prepare your fabric first, I was making two 12×20 pillows so I cut the fabric accordingly.Fold the fabric and start tying it with a rubber band.Tie and until the end of the fabric.

20171116_112504.jpgwear your gloves and cover the surface.Boil water now pour the hottest water to any stainless(spare) steel bowl Since the dye is not food grade so you won’t be able to use it for food after. Mix hand full of salt, I would say about 3-4 Tbs and Dye powder to water mix well.


Now Dip the tied fabric into the Dye and dip it with the help of a tong.Leave fabric about 40 mins, rotate fabric in meantime.


Rinse fabric until the water clears out, now add salt to cold water and dip this fabric for 20 mins to fix the dye.Now untie the fabric and remove the rubber band.


Let it air dry it, It was so cold outside that’s why I hang fabric in my laundry room overnight.I ironed it and made cushions similar to this one.Its simple and required basic sewing skills.


This Tie and Dyed cushions are perfect for  Accent chairs I bought recently from Target USA for my living room.


Isn’t look good? It’s so easy and so much fun DIY. Now I am more confident to try some new things/Projects… Stay tuned!!

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DIY Pom-Pom Bracelet


I have a crush on pom-pom and tussles nowadays, I made and used them around my house.I bought ready-made assorted sized pom-pom(You can also DIY them from yarn) from the craft store for Bilal for his JK activities.


I am going share this cute DIY bracelet and It brings me back to my teenage life… I wish I did the video tutorial or go live.It’s really hard to explain but I captured everything so you will see how easy it is, so be ready for lots of pictures.

Let’s start!!


You will need

Gold /Silver chain

Pom-Pom(I used small-sized)




I opened the chain and cut the desired size( almost 18 cm) out and add Jump/End ring .Now separate few segments from the chain.


Take a pom-pom and insert an Eye-pin and carefully lock it down from the sharp side with the help of pillars.


Attach the Pom-pom with the help of chain segment to that(inserted) Eye-pin.Use any color or pattern.I used some funky colored pom-pom.You can always mix and match.


It’s so much fun to wear it, I would definitely make more for my self and to give as a gift.If you don’t find Eye-pins, You can easily attach it to matching color thread.



I did one to explain to you how to with thread.All you need to stitch /attach the segment with help of thread to the pom-pom and then attach that segment to the chain.


Isn’t simple and cute DIY that can be shared with your Best Friend.Make two identical and give one to your BFF/Sister etc (I made one for Aleeza as well ).It’s so much fun to DIY and I love wearing it, reminds me I am still young..brings back to me in my student’s life…lol

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Coffee Vanilla Sugar Scrub

20171106_180827I have normal skin but it gets dry during winter.We have to turn our heating on over 6 months that means no fresh air and it makes the skin so dry.I need to moisturize every time I wash my hands and feet. I showed you guys the body butter, I got from Winner’s but I need to use a scrub to get rid dead skin especially during my bath.I made my own sugar scrub and I  highly recommended you to make one for your self.It exfoliates dead cells and you feel the difference after a single use.


You Will Need!

White Cane Sugar:1/2 cup

Brown or Golden sugar:1/2 cup

Coconut oil: 5-6 Tbs

Grounded Coffee: 1/4 cup

Vanilla Essence:1 Tbs

Cinnamon: 1 Stick (Optional )

Glass Jars


Mix white and golden sugar together, Add coconut oil gradually and check the consistency of the scrub.Coconut oil should be at room temperature, so it should be combined with sugar and give a rich buttery texture.Add coffee and Vanilla essence, Don’t  add too much coffee.Mix everything well, add cinnamon grated or powder.



I didn’t melt coconut oil and Mix everything well and store in a glass jar.You can store up to 8 weeks at room temperature or up to three months if you keep in the fridge . If you scoop it up, you will feel the sugar grain.Rub the scrub on your skin even on your face, it will remove dead skin and give you a glow.(Azmaiyash shart hy ).


I love using it during my shower and love the warm smell of coffee and Vanilla.Its very easy, A must try DIY that will not only exfoliate and but also moisturize your skin.

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Hand Made Bath Bombs

It’s doesn’t matter how old are you but everyone wants a spa kinda bathe.Epecially If you are a mom of  little babies or toddlers and you get hardly 15 mins to enjoy your bath than this easy DIY bath bombs are perfect for you to enjoy your ten minutes “Mommy Me Time”.


If you don’t want to DIY it’s easily available everywhere even dollar store but I made with kids on weekend to keep them busy and they enjoyed to use their very own hand-made fizzy bath bomb while taking their bath.

You will need:

Baking Soda:1 cup

Citric Acid:1/2 cup

Corn Starch/Flour :1/2 cup

Epsom salt:1/4 cup

Coconut Oil : 2 Tbs

Essential Oil : 1Tsp

Food Colour: 1 Tsp

Molds/ice-cube Tray

Mix first four dry ingredients in any glass bowl and remove all lumps.Melt coconut oil in microwave and mix it slowly  with the help of fork.Now add any essential oil (I used lavender essential oil)and food color,mix well.Now add water but Dont use water so quickly ,it will start fizzing.

received_10155568565900791Take a bath bomb or an ice-cube mold, press the mixture on one half and then do the same with other half now join the mold and leave it over night .Making a bath bomb in  a mold is little tricky as it can crack when you open ,if it does !!rub oil on your palm and shape with the hand.Its more easy to use to use ice cube mold tray.Gently press the mixture and leave it over night or 6-8 hours.

20171028_155136I bet !!!! You will be addicted once you start making it.These orange bath bombs , I made   ( first time ) a week ago when I didn’t have food colors.I used Zarda rung  (Yellow/Orange food color)and it was so good. I added dried Rosemary leaves inside the mold,it makes a divine aroma with lavender essential oil  (My kids asked me not to use Rosemary leaves,So no more herbs inside ).

20171028_155158If You have everything handy ,you must try this and ask your kids to do this activity to enjoy  the fizzy refreshing bath after.


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DIY Gold & White Basket

22861718_10155551252135791_4697476998440994468_oIf I say  I love spray paints,it’s so so true just because I want instant results (I am Be-sabari soul..lol).It’s so simple and easy,Just hold a spray paint and get an entirely new look.


Few days ago,I showed you guys my Hair pin legs bench and you can see entire post Here. I promised to tell you guys about the white Rattan basket that I got from a local consignment store(You can take your old ones too) and I love the shape and you know what, its brand new and tag were still on.


Honestly speaking,It was plain and Boring and I didn’t like “as it  was”much.I wanted to do something different that give a lift. I  love the gold metallic spray paint ,just shake and use it . It has primer so you don’t need anything to use before or even after.


I wanted to paint the lower portion so I taped the upper half and covered it with newspaper.I always cover the floor or surface with a plastic sheet or newspaper /flyers whenever I use paints.Give a good shake and spray from distance of approx 10-15 cm for a good coverage.


Leave it for an hour or so and do another coat if required.I left it over night and let it dry completely.Oh yes!! I forgot to tell you I painted the handles as well.


Its big enough to hold my kids toys or even blankets and extra cushions .I love spray paints and you don’t even need any skills(advanced) for this technique.Let me know if I missed something!

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DIY Hairpin Legs Bench

20171017_135341Well….its been a while I made this Hair Pin Leg Bench for my entryway.I made this bench in early spring and then we got busy in vacations and I didn’t get time to write a post about it.Now after getting so many compliments and people ask me how did I make it so here you go…It easy but Little bit costly as Hairpin legs are not cheap but kind of affordable and easy to DIY (with help of husband).


We don’t have a big foyer but always need something to sit on to tie my shoes and go.I love Hairpin Legs so much and ordered  online at Rusty Design Canada , these 2-rod Hairpin legs 16″ came in set of 4.I love them as it is. They are raw iron and easy to attached.


I asked my husband to attach the Hairpin legs to the base of the seat/bench(I already had). I didn’t paint the legs and like them as it is but never know I will paint some day. When legs are attached its easy to add foam and batting.

20170515_103153.jpgI attached the foam with wooden base with adhesive spray and then staple the batting and fabric down with staple gun.I used the knitted fabric that actually I brought from a garage sale 2 years ago .I toss some cushions and a throw and its perfect for my entryway.


This throw is a DIY and I already had this hand knitted scarf/throw,  I attached tussles .This painted toy/blanket basket is also a DIY..tutorial (both)coming soon.

So Let me know Do you like this bright and colorful but modern bench ?you can put anywhere around your house?

I made another Bench/Ottoman before…check here DIY Ottoman

(This is not a sponsored post)