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DIY Hairpin Legs Bench

20171017_135341Well….its been a while I made this Hair Pin Leg Bench for my entryway.I made this bench in early spring and then we got busy in vacations and I didn’t get time to write a post about it.Now after getting so many compliments and people ask me how did I make it so here you go…It easy but Little bit costly as Hairpin legs are not cheap but kind of affordable and easy to DIY (with help of husband).


We don’t have a big foyer but always need something to sit on to tie my shoes and go.I love Hairpin Legs so much and ordered  online at Rusty Design Canada , these 2-rod Hairpin legs 16″ came in set of 4.I love them as it is. They are raw iron and easy to attached.


I asked my husband to attach the Hairpin legs to the base of the seat/bench(I already had). I didn’t paint the legs and like them as it is but never know I will paint some day. When legs are attached its easy to add foam and batting.

20170515_103153.jpgI attached the foam with wooden base with adhesive spray and then staple the batting and fabric down with staple gun.I used the knitted fabric that actually I brought from a garage sale 2 years ago .I toss some cushions and a throw and its perfect for my entryway.


This throw is a DIY and I already had this hand knitted scarf/throw,  I attached tussles .This painted toy/blanket basket is also a DIY..tutorial (both)coming soon.

So Let me know Do you like this bright and colorful but modern bench ?you can put anywhere around your house?

I made another Bench/Ottoman before…check here DIY Ottoman

(This is not a sponsored post)

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DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

I am really obsessed with the yarn and jute these days. Making Tussles/ Pom- poms is my favorite hobby .I am so excited to show the final result of a project I posted on Facebook page last week,Its one of my favorite and quick DIY with limited supplies  I have done so far.


I wanted a hanging planter,either a macramé ones or just a plastic ones for my Master Bedroom.I even tried to DIY some macrame but didnt like them much.I made this super easy DIY wooden plate hanging planter like a pro.Love it !


Supplies Needed

Wooden plate/Saucer

Yarn or Twine

Wooden Beads.

I used my staple gun and a key  ring.



All You need to do is roughly cut two 40 inch yarn pieces,make an X and place wooden plate over it. I stapled it down like this,now grab all the four pieces and tie a knot.You can cut the yarn in desired lenght ,Tie a knot 5 inches away from the end of the yarn .Add a wooden bead,tie another knot above the bead.


I added wooden bead,make another knot and tie a loop or attach a key ring .I glued the open yarn string ,and complete it by adding another smaller wooden bead.


For the bottom I finished by adding a tussle, you can make a contrasting color or whatever you like.I simply wrap the same colored yarn on a small card/wallet and make a tussle (will do a tutorial how to make tussles and pom-pom).I Tied the tussle and hang it in my bedroom


I just love this simple and quick DIY .I added a plant pot and It look amazingly great and refreshing.


If you like can  paint or stain the wooden saucer,but I love this as it is!!



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DIY Birthday Party Garland

Its Abdullah’s Birthday this weekend ,so its party time.Yay…!!!!It means I need to plan ,decorate and entertain bunch of kids in a budget. Its always hard to decorate/make anything for boys either its for their room or planning a birthday party. I thought to make a garland banner thats so simple but time taking.I already make a banner for Ramadan/Eid ,you can check DIY Ramadan Banner here.

All You need Gift Tissue papers,I got from Dollar Tree.I brought 1 pack of 25 sheets of multi colored sheets.


Take one sheet out,fold it in half,cut longitudinal but Not all the way up.


Unfold the paper and you will get the fringes on both sides,just twist paper from one end to the other end.I am showing through pictures,hopefully you get it.


Twist it all the way up,fold in half again


Now twist it and tape it to make a loop, add twine or jute and tie it on a loop.Make as many you want.


I made different colored garland, you can use whatever pattern you like.I simply attached with jute (I didnt have twine)at that time with the loop I made.

20171014_122110Its very easy ,You can ask your kids to help  and make pattern for you.





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My DIY Denim Experiment

Nothing can  made me happier than getting good stuff on sale but some times I buy stuff and realize after I brought exact same thing again just because it’s at clearance .It happened last week when I scored exactly same pair of jeans at 70% off  for my daughter Aleeza . I couldn’t resist to leave it at that clearance price..lol.

I wanted to change the shade at least, so she will enjoy two different pants …Bleached jeans are hot trend and quite costly as compare to normal jeans /denim. . ..I had fabric dye in my  mind as back up plan if bleaching technique got failed (gonna dye something soon) BUT I got great result and thought to share  this easy DIY with you guys with affordable method or should I say cheapest.

I used her older one to try on this method. You can also use your older or most hated one just in case you have a failure… (I am keeping my self on safer side…😉)



Wear your gloves since the bleach has harsh chemicals that will damage your skin and try to do in ventilated area.Place the pants in a plastic bucket or basin filled with a gallon of warm water and a 1/2 cup of bleach.

If your jeans is ripped (like mine) try not to do that part it will damaged the denim and results will be awful.

20170920_104119.jpgI only wanted lower portion down the knees to be bleached,I folded the jeans and take the upper portion out and dipped the desire part for about 45 mins than  dipped the 1 inch more down to the bleach since I wanted to give a ombre. If you want lighter shade leave it for another half an hour but dont extend time time more than 2 hours it will damage the fiber and life span.

When you are done with your desire shade, dip it in Apple Cider vinegar  or white vinegar to stop the bleaching process.It not only stops but also fixes the bleaching dye.Dip the jeans for 5 mins than wash it in your washer at normal setting with out ” detergent”.Run the whole cycle.


I air-dried in my back yard and iron it as usual…just follow the instructions and you will get your very own desired shade…….If you have an old pair of jeans try it,you will love it….your very own trendy jeans ready to wear…Let me know If you experiment something that worth sharing. ..!



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DIY Vintage Cup Scented Candle

I am wondering where did this long awaited summer go but it was most amazing and busiest summer ever for sure Allhumdillah. Kids are back to school and Hopefully  I am back on my blog regularly as well.I have so many projects that should be featured but also many lined up to be completed as well.

here I am sharing one of the simplest,cutest DIY I have ever made,literally took  mins .

You can either make it for any occasion, wrap it and give anyone as a gift or keep it home like me.

21557771_10155411914480791_3488219747249142375_nAll you need

A cup with saucer (I got a little vintage small-sized )

Candle wax and Thread ( from craft store)

E-6000 or any strong clear glue.

Fragrance oil of your choice(mine is Tobacco Flower  home fragrance)

First attach the cup  and saucer with Glue ,leave it for an hour so it attached together.Now carefully wrap the wax cord around a pen/stick like the pic.Rub or pour few drops of home fragrance oil to the inner surface of the cup.


Melt the wax in any(old) pan over a low flame  and pour the melted wax into the cup.Leave it for 1 hour or so,let it settled.Now unwrapped the cord and cut it in desire size.


Lighten it up and enjoy it at your candle light dinner.



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Painting My Kitchen Cabinets(Final Steps)

Hi There,

Updating furniture or especially cabinets need so much details but Kitchen is kind of high traffic area,stain and grime are part of it.I wanted something that is easy to use,stain resistant and yes Affordable and last but not least…Long lasting results!!

Benjamin Moore has all qualities i was looking for…it doesnt need top coat because it is especially designed for cabinets but it definitely needs sanding and a good primer.I explained sanding before here Painting My Kitchen Cabinets (Step 1)

..Let’s start about step 2,after prepare surface i.e,sanding now you need to prime your surafce.I choose water based primer Zinsser 123 Bull Eye ,it is one of the best primer I have ever used.You can use any water based primer.received_10155189874490791.jpeg

I was painting my pine cabinet so I did two coats of primers.I applied primer with 2″ brush and used some rollers strokes.Primer is thicker than paint so a small dip goes long way.Wait between coats,It took normally 3-4 hours .Primer actually acts like glue between the surface and the paint.If you are painting from darker color or wood to some lighter shade,primer acts as “base coat”.It gives a base to your cabinet for a better paint coverage.

received_10155189728385791.jpegI lightly sanded between primer coats where ever necessary especially  where I used wood filler.Now the surface is ready to paint,I used Benjamin Moore Advance paint in “AF-80 Jute” in pearl finish.Its rich creamy shade gives one stroke a smooth shade.I applied 3 coats with 2″ paint brush and foam roller,I waited at least 4 hours between the coats.received_10155189728370791

When paint is fully dried,put the cabinets back  to their right place after 2-3 days.I didnt apply any top coat since this BM advance paint is especially designed for cabinets and doesn’t need any top coat.20170410_102417

When your cabinets are done wait one week to put  your hard ware on.I changed my hardware and some of them were different size so I had to drill the new holes and I filled up the old ones with wood filler.Do your drill and hard ware a week after you finished your paint job. I highly recommend  you to use Benjamin Moore Advance ( by the way…it’s not a sponsor post in any way)  its easy to clean and has very smooth coverage. If you can not find this brand ask your retailer to give you a paint that has low VOC (Volatile Organic compound) and especially designed for cabinet and furniture.

I tried my best to cover each step but if you need to know more just leave a message, I love to help you guys….If you are intending to change your cabinet color…Go ahead it’s not hard at all..but worth to try…..Trust ME!!

In case you like to see final reveal Kitchen Make Over….Reveal!

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Father’s Day DIY Mug

I do love DIY  and customize everything as much as possible. Aleeza is just like  me she loves to create and DIY too.She asked me if we can make something for her Baba for Father’s day.

We went to the craft store and got a mug and some sharpie pens (Permanent Markers).You can make it for Teacher’s day,Mother’s day even for any day….Get the quote and be creative..😊

We made a DIY sharpie pen mug which is super easy ,She made herself but since we have to use oven  so I helped her out.(Adult Supervision is Required)


You need just two things.

A mug (oven safe)

Sharpie markers of  choice.

Draw free hand on your mug , what ever you  want to quote/draw make  a draft on a paper.

20170617_173036.jpgWhen you finish writing put it on an oven,and turn on after 375°F for 30-35 mins.Dont preheat it,you need to put it in cold oven let the art set while temp goes up.


After 30 mins turn off the oven and leave  the mug inside and let it cool with the oven.This process Fixes the text/art whatever you draw on the mug.

20170618_184836Your very own customized DIY fathers day mug is ready to give.hope you all have a wonderful father day…Enjoy!!!(Hand  wash is recommended only).


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Painting My Kitchen Cabinets (Step 1)

Hi All,

I know its more than month since I posted my kitchen makeover reveal ,I wanted to write down everything right away but back to back other things hooked me up.I got a reminder email from a follower and I felt so guilty for not keeping my promise on time…anyhow, Lets talk about how I start painting my kitchen cabinets, Trust me before starting my kitchen renovation ,I was so scared ,will it look good?or I will be going to ruin everything,should I begin or not? What to do ?leave or go for it…its not a small room if it gets ruined and I  shut the door off….I would say  If my husband didn’t allow me, I had zero courage to even think about it..seriously! !..Thanks to him for Trusting me!….😊

Before I  start the longest procedure of my kitchen Renovation..I want to let you guys know I am not an expert .All content are based on my experience  and I am sharing what so ever I know to make it simple for people who are newbie like me and love DIY.

If you are a beginner or like me who learnt by own experiences plus failures here are some basics of painting furniture or cabinet I learned by my own experience.Doing my kitchen cabinets was not my first experience at all,I already had my hand into so many projects.I update several furniture  pieces.weather you are going to chalk paint ,stain or just doing any paint job,prepare the surface first.The  more  you prepare your surface,more you  get your job well done.


When I  start my kitchen cabinets,they were in  very good condition.I used to wipe them every day since my cabinets are “Shaker style”(panelled) and need more cleaning  than other flat cabinet. I used TSP (Trisodium Phosphate )to clean them properly, I used a knife to remove dirt and especially  flour from sides of panels.Wipe them properly  ,I used Windex for extra cleaning.I removed cabinet doors and mark them with frog tape as upper and lower cabinet (U1 /L1 and so on),remove the hardware and put everything in a ziplock  bag,so you get everything when you need to put the doors back after you finish painting.20170205_234050.jpg

Use frog tape for labeling them,it will be easy for you to put everything back.My cabinet remained open for more than 1 month for sure like this.20170205_234018

It was wide opened and easy accessible for kids and they were happy ……lol

I took off upper cabinet first and when they were completed ,I started doing my lower  cabinets.I did everything down stairs in the basement except the cabinets frames and sides.After removing  hardware and cleaning the most toughest and time-consuming step ,preparing the surface i.e sanding!


Sanding is very important step,it makes surface ready to get painted. I used 120 grit sand paper and give a really good sanding  so that top coat or previous finish is removed.You can use sanding machine but I preferred  hand sanding more . The more you prepare your  surface the more smooth finish your cabinets will  get.Its quite dusty process so cover ourself by having a mask,when you sand your cabinets make sure clean your cabinets with wipes or if you have a  vacuum ,use hose to clean it faster.Wipe the cabinets off with Lysol wipes.


If you need to change your hardware,you have to use wood filler.I used wood filler to fill the holes.sand the surface with sand paper.You need to prepare it otherwise paint wont stick or cracked .


This wood filler changes color from purple to white when it dries up,sand it down and make it smooth.Any holes and damages can be  easily filled by the wood filler.

All types of sanding paper and wood filler are easily available at home hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

This is first part of painting procedure of my kitchen cabinet….I  was asked to share step by step  painting process because so many people want to  update their kitchen and trust me it’s not hard at all and you will love it after…FOR SURE! !


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DIY Ramadan Banner

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone.

We just had our first Iftar…its pretty long day ,weather is really nice so it’s not that tough for fasting almost 17 hours.People do compliant about fasting hours during summer time but we are blessed we  don’t have any major problems like load shading or any sort of shortage of basic needs but days are still really long especially  for kids who are fasting especially during their schools.

Apart of these facilities  we don’t have that environment ,we have full and regular school and job timings.we “have” to make that environment  with religious spirit that I totally miss when I used to live back home Pakistan before I got married.we have to creat that ” Noorani Mahol” (I don’t find that typical or appropriate word rightnow ) since we are living in a non muslim country but we are very much respected  by our non muslim fellows and neighbors .They do respect our religion and even help us in anyways.

Today kids were fasting and got bored so I asked them if they want  to do some Ramadan decor with me ,so they would  get off their eyes from gadgets since it was raining and they can’t go out and play…they are already very excited and I want them to encourage and feel that religious spirit that totally missed here..We went to Dollarma and brought some craft and decor items.


I made a DIY Ramadan banner with kids…..you just need some craft paper ,scissors, glue or self adhesive cards and twine.


Just fold the square shiny paper in half and cut the triangle .I made 13 different colored triangles,for two banners.I used glitter self adhesive card paper and simply cut in different fun shape and stick to the center of  your triangles.

18739822_10155088265290791_8217043953530432004_n.jpg Now write with sharpie or use alphabetical stickers.Arrange them in order and punch holes with puncher.Use twine and hang it up by crossing it through the holes..

18740086_10155088265175791_3680108869744500535_n.jpgIt’s so easy you can make it in less than half an hour.I hang it up in my living room with the help of tape.You can make any banner with same easy procedure for Eid,birthday etc and customize it by using some more fun things like using strings or flowers etc.18766801_10155088277240791_3964507992241472656_o.jpg

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DIY Chicken Wire Message/Bulletin Board

My kids asked me to go Dollar stores every other day,whenever I go there find some thing that give me an idea to make some quick DIYs .My son Abdullah often complains I don’t make any thing for his room as much I do at Aleeza room.Boy”s room are really hard to decorate.Last week I stopped at Dollarama there were tons of spring and Garden decor items ,they will be disappear within few days.

Chicken wire was on my list,during my kitchen Reno trips to Home Depots I often thought to get it but I forgot to buy .I was surprised when I saw them at Dollarama a whole roll for just $3.You may find it any hardware store easily.20170514_133114.jpg

Lets makes a 10 mins craft,all you need a big frame without glass and staple gun.I already have staple guns.If you want a light duty staple gun ,You may find at Dollarama too.Some times I am so surprised when I got things for more dollars and I got to see them In Dollarma,May be they are not for heavy duty work but for beginners that are good.

Unframed your picture frame and remove the glass,paint it if you like with spray paint.Cut the desire size of chicken wire with wire cutter or scissors.Staple the chicken wire on the back of the frame,twist the cut wire and fold and staple down .

20170514_134752Make sure to twist the sharp edges and staple it down so that kids won’t hurt there tiny finger.20170514_134129.jpg

Flip it over and adjust the the chicken wire, add your kid’s art work and souvenir  etc.It is super easy ,you can use for hanging jewelry etc.


I made an easiest  version of bulliten /message board few months ago,you can check here