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Painting My Kitchen Cabinets(Final Steps)

Hi There,

Updating furniture or especially cabinets need so much details but Kitchen is kind of high traffic area,stain and grime are part of it.I wanted something that is easy to use,stain resistant and yes Affordable and last but not least…Long lasting results!!

Benjamin Moore has all qualities i was looking for…it doesnt need top coat because it is especially designed for cabinets but it definitely needs sanding and a good primer.I explained sanding before here Painting My Kitchen Cabinets (Step 1)

..Let’s start about step 2,after prepare surface i.e,sanding now you need to prime your surafce.I choose water based primer Zinsser 123 Bull Eye ,it is one of the best primer I have ever used.You can use any water based primer.received_10155189874490791.jpeg

I was painting my pine cabinet so I did two coats of primers.I applied primer with 2″ brush and used some rollers strokes.Primer is thicker than paint so a small dip goes long way.Wait between coats,It took normally 3-4 hours .Primer actually acts like glue between the surface and the paint.If you are painting from darker color or wood to some lighter shade,primer acts as “base coat”.It gives a base to your cabinet for a better paint coverage.

received_10155189728385791.jpegI lightly sanded between primer coats where ever necessary especially  where I used wood filler.Now the surface is ready to paint,I used Benjamin Moore Advance paint in “AF-80 Jute” in pearl finish.Its rich creamy shade gives one stroke a smooth shade.I applied 3 coats with 2″ paint brush and foam roller,I waited at least 4 hours between the coats.received_10155189728370791

When paint is fully dried,put the cabinets back  to their right place after 2-3 days.I didnt apply any top coat since this BM advance paint is especially designed for cabinets and doesn’t need any top coat.20170410_102417

When your cabinets are done wait one week to put  your hard ware on.I changed my hardware and some of them were different size so I had to drill the new holes and I filled up the old ones with wood filler.Do your drill and hard ware a week after you finished your paint job. I highly recommend  you to use Benjamin Moore Advance ( by the way…it’s not a sponsor post in any way)  its easy to clean and has very smooth coverage. If you can not find this brand ask your retailer to give you a paint that has low VOC (Volatile Organic compound) and especially designed for cabinet and furniture.

I tried my best to cover each step but if you need to know more just leave a message, I love to help you guys….If you are intending to change your cabinet color…Go ahead it’s not hard at all..but worth to try…..Trust ME!!

In case you like to see final reveal Kitchen Make Over….Reveal!

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