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Father’s Day DIY Mug

I do love DIY  and customize everything as much as possible. Aleeza is just like  me she loves to create and DIY too.She asked me if we can make something for her Baba for Father’s day.

We went to the craft store and got a mug and some sharpie pens (Permanent Markers).You can make it for Teacher’s day,Mother’s day even for any day….Get the quote and be creative..😊

We made a DIY sharpie pen mug which is super easy ,She made herself but since we have to use oven  so I helped her out.(Adult Supervision is Required)


You need just two things.

A mug (oven safe)

Sharpie markers of  choice.

Draw free hand on your mug , what ever you  want to quote/draw make  a draft on a paper.

20170617_173036.jpgWhen you finish writing put it on an oven,and turn on after 375°F for 30-35 mins.Dont preheat it,you need to put it in cold oven let the art set while temp goes up.


After 30 mins turn off the oven and leave  the mug inside and let it cool with the oven.This process Fixes the text/art whatever you draw on the mug.

20170618_184836Your very own customized DIY fathers day mug is ready to give.hope you all have a wonderful father day…Enjoy!!!(Hand  wash is recommended only).


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day DIY Mug

    1. Of course you can enjoy your tea/coffee but hand wash is recommended, yes
      !!you can do it with your dinner ware and use it after same procesure….baking actually fixes the art.
      Thanks for your kind words


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