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DIY Ramadan Banner

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone.

We just had our first Iftar…its pretty long day ,weather is really nice so it’s not that tough for fasting almost 17 hours.People do compliant about fasting hours during summer time but we are blessed we  don’t have any major problems like load shading or any sort of shortage of basic needs but days are still really long especially  for kids who are fasting especially during their schools.

Apart of these facilities  we don’t have that environment ,we have full and regular school and job timings.we “have” to make that environment  with religious spirit that I totally miss when I used to live back home Pakistan before I got married.we have to creat that ” Noorani Mahol” (I don’t find that typical or appropriate word rightnow ) since we are living in a non muslim country but we are very much respected  by our non muslim fellows and neighbors .They do respect our religion and even help us in anyways.

Today kids were fasting and got bored so I asked them if they want  to do some Ramadan decor with me ,so they would  get off their eyes from gadgets since it was raining and they can’t go out and play…they are already very excited and I want them to encourage and feel that religious spirit that totally missed here..We went to Dollarma and brought some craft and decor items.


I made a DIY Ramadan banner with kids…..you just need some craft paper ,scissors, glue or self adhesive cards and twine.


Just fold the square shiny paper in half and cut the triangle .I made 13 different colored triangles,for two banners.I used glitter self adhesive card paper and simply cut in different fun shape and stick to the center of  your triangles.

18739822_10155088265290791_8217043953530432004_n.jpg Now write with sharpie or use alphabetical stickers.Arrange them in order and punch holes with puncher.Use twine and hang it up by crossing it through the holes..

18740086_10155088265175791_3680108869744500535_n.jpgIt’s so easy you can make it in less than half an hour.I hang it up in my living room with the help of tape.You can make any banner with same easy procedure for Eid,birthday etc and customize it by using some more fun things like using strings or flowers etc.18766801_10155088277240791_3964507992241472656_o.jpg

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DIY Chicken Wire Message/Bulletin Board

My kids asked me to go Dollar stores every other day,whenever I go there find some thing that give me an idea to make some quick DIYs .My son Abdullah often complains I don’t make any thing for his room as much I do at Aleeza room.Boy”s room are really hard to decorate.Last week I stopped at Dollarama there were tons of spring and Garden decor items ,they will be disappear within few days.

Chicken wire was on my list,during my kitchen Reno trips to Home Depots I often thought to get it but I forgot to buy .I was surprised when I saw them at Dollarama a whole roll for just $3.You may find it any hardware store easily.20170514_133114.jpg

Lets makes a 10 mins craft,all you need a big frame without glass and staple gun.I already have staple guns.If you want a light duty staple gun ,You may find at Dollarama too.Some times I am so surprised when I got things for more dollars and I got to see them In Dollarma,May be they are not for heavy duty work but for beginners that are good.

Unframed your picture frame and remove the glass,paint it if you like with spray paint.Cut the desire size of chicken wire with wire cutter or scissors.Staple the chicken wire on the back of the frame,twist the cut wire and fold and staple down .

20170514_134752Make sure to twist the sharp edges and staple it down so that kids won’t hurt there tiny finger.20170514_134129.jpg

Flip it over and adjust the the chicken wire, add your kid’s art work and souvenir  etc.It is super easy ,you can use for hanging jewelry etc.


I made an easiest  version of bulliten /message board few months ago,you can check here


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A DIY Lumber Pillow

I admit and guilty for being so irregular(I know!! Again),it doesnt mean I was a couch potato…I was busy doing some renovation  in Aleeza room along with daily house routine.Her birthday is in coming week and she is going to be 11 this year Masha Allah.Time passed so fast,it looks like we brought our first baby home for the first time.She is growing so her needs are changing  too…she is not baby but she is still in glitter and  glue.

received_10155020684305791Her size got change so often,I  dont have any one younger (doll )who can use her beautiful  dresses and feel some times(often) I spend too much on her clothes and she uses once and a while.I love this dress she got it  as a gift from her khala (so its  a kind of her sentimental asset )and she only used 2-3 times as its summer  dresss and sadly we only have few months to use them.Every year I have tons of  their clothes to recycle or donate,try my best not to waste any thing in anyways.I was dressing  her bed up and I thought to use different pillows and cushion to make it accent.The lumber or body pillow is longer than average  pillow and sleek rectangular in shape.

Lets make  it together,its a beginner version.

You  can use any cotton dress or skirt of roughly atleast has  35″×16″ size (2 pieces of same rectangular sized) fabric when you cut it.

cotton filling.

Decorative Lace/pom pom/Ribbon etc etc .

Measure the desire size and cut the fabric in two pieces with same size.I wanted to use pom pom lace but couldn’t find at that time.I used this cute shabby chic lace and attached it to the fabric with sewing machine.All you need is basic sewing skills.received_10155020681335791

Use lace in between and stitch with sewing machine. If you are not expect like me,use clothes pins.All you need is stitch in a straight line or can even go little zigzag like me (lol) Don’t underestimate  your sewing skills just make sure it is stitched. You can make first  a simple cover for filing but I  insert filling directly because  Aleeza uses her stuff gently,if it got dirty I will toss it in a washer (Tip: When you put pillows and comforter in your dryer after a wash,Add 3 tennis ball inside the dryer to keep them in shape).


Stitch three side and leave it open so we can insert filling inside.Just make sure you fill it up all the way from top to bottom.I used almost three standard cushions size cotton filling to make this lumber pillow.


Close the open side with hand or sewing machine. Tara!!Ready to enjoy for a cozy nap…!!