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DIY Chicken Wire Message/Bulletin Board

My kids asked me to go Dollar stores every other day,whenever I go there find some thing that give me an idea to make some quick DIYs .My son Abdullah often complains I don’t make any thing for his room as much I do at Aleeza room.Boy”s room are really hard to decorate.Last week I stopped at Dollarama there were tons of spring and Garden decor items ,they will be disappear within few days.

Chicken wire was on my list,during my kitchen Reno trips to Home Depots I often thought to get it but I forgot to buy .I was surprised when I saw them at Dollarama a whole roll for just $3.You may find it any hardware store easily.20170514_133114.jpg

Lets makes a 10 mins craft,all you need a big frame without glass and staple gun.I already have staple guns.If you want a light duty staple gun ,You may find at Dollarama too.Some times I am so surprised when I got things for more dollars and I got to see them In Dollarma,May be they are not for heavy duty work but for beginners that are good.

Unframed your picture frame and remove the glass,paint it if you like with spray paint.Cut the desire size of chicken wire with wire cutter or scissors.Staple the chicken wire on the back of the frame,twist the cut wire and fold and staple down .

20170514_134752Make sure to twist the sharp edges and staple it down so that kids won’t hurt there tiny finger.20170514_134129.jpg

Flip it over and adjust the the chicken wire, add your kid’s art work and souvenir  etc.It is super easy ,you can use for hanging jewelry etc.


I made an easiest  version of bulliten /message board few months ago,you can check here


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