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DIY Message Board

Hi everyone,

I am going to share a simple DIY message/white board , its so easy even your 10 years old can make it( my daughter helped me & wrote down blog name too..!! sweet💕)

You will  need just two things to make it,

1.Picture frame that has glass (any  size)

2.Decorative /hard gift paper.20161230_123403.jpgI have this IKEA picture frame  and I  got this decorative paper from Walmart.

20161230_123610Simply open the frame ,cut the desire size of decorative paper and attach it on the back of the board (comes with frame). You can use tape or glue.


Place the glass first and attach the decorative board with frame clips …Taraaa!!! Its ready to hang and write.You can write down on glass with any marker and wipe it down.20161230_124321

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