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Hi there,

I am back, was busy with kids, organizing home and doing some reno’s around my house.I am still in between and to be very honest some of them aren’t even started yet……will post when once I am done…taking my time with many breaks.

My crafty soul doesn’t allow me to throw anything but its time to donate that’s  a better option.Here are some useful tips I followed, sharing with you guys randomly.Sorting out clothes, jackets, accessories and other stuff is a time taking process.Try to do one closet at a time, move to another one after.Follow the same rule for everything.

A “guest” attack sometime give me a panic attack because my kids play mostly right on the main floor, making that area clutter-free and spotless within five mins if I know where I need to put all that things back.Storage ottoman and baskets minimize the mess.Try to keep toys in a basket and teach your child to clean up after.

Ask your kids to be part of it. Sounds weird I know, they probably want everything and will say they gonna use it. Give that thing to them and believe me after two mins they will throw it in donating bin by themselves.Its better they know and you should explain to them why and how donation makes someone happy.If they give it happily, treat them like King/Queen.

I have learned, your child’s involvement is very important, whatever you doing try them to be part of it.Take it as a project, assigned them different task and it not only gives them the sense of responsibility but also give some moral values.You need lots of patients (I don’t   have much ) as the kid may losses his interest after making a mess and more likely in between, but still he/ she learning.


Don’t keep things you’re not using. Kids clothes /shoes are top of the list since they grow so fast.Don’t keep it, until and unless you have another child who can use it.I do save my elder son clothes for his younger brother if they are like new and gently used.Put in a box and labeled it with age etc and store in storage/ garage.If you don’t have similar gender kids, donate it people might put in a good use.If you want to sell, lots of Facebook selling groups are up.Don’t save it.

Sort out winter and summer stuff.Wash them and store in boxes or in suitcases if you have storage room.During winter my home gets messier especially when kids get home after school. Make sure you have a proper place or basket for hats and mittens.Sort out your summer shoes and sandals.You may not be able to use until 4-5 months.Make space for your winter boots and jackets, these items take a lot of space.Try to put rubber mat and tray for snow boots, mostly wet shoes make more mess.

Donate your own outdated stuff including shoes, bag and other accessories that you are not using much or your size or sense of style got changed. Thrift store and shelters are best places to donate.Even you can ask some “kids charitable “organizations who offer and gladly pick up right from your door.


Sort out toys or other baby / outgrown toys, throw broken items in garbage and other kids item that are not your kid’s appropriate age anymore, give away or sell it.Ask your friend who can use for kids otherwise daycare centers gladly accepted gently used toy and books.

Check your kitchen and washroom for unused utensils and crockery or beauty and cleaning supplies.If they are chipped or expired garbage it right away. Rest you can donate.If you are intending to buy new furniture try to sell out the old one first.You may repurpose it if you have space.

Keep things in boxes and baskets. That not only organize your place but also you have things handy.Labelled your boxes as much you can.Keep your important documents filed and properly placed.Discard your unwanted mail and bills, you may scan these documents and save a softcopy if you think you might need after.

Don’t rush, take your time. If you do it in a rush, believe me, you will put most of the things back. You will feel really good plus your home will be actually clear from an unwanted item.I shared some DIY for clutter-free kitchen counter on my Facebook page…http://grillo-designs.com/declutter-kitchen-counters-ideas/….These are so simple and easy , I am going to make some of them too.

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