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DIY Gold & White Basket

22861718_10155551252135791_4697476998440994468_oIf I say  I love spray paints,it’s so so true just because I want instant results (I am Be-sabari soul..lol).It’s so simple and easy,Just hold a spray paint and get an entirely new look.


Few days ago,I showed you guys my Hair pin legs bench and you can see entire post Here. I promised to tell you guys about the white Rattan basket that I got from a local consignment store(You can take your old ones too) and I love the shape and you know what, its brand new and tag were still on.


Honestly speaking,It was plain and Boring and I didn’t like “as it  was”much.I wanted to do something different that give a lift. I  love the gold metallic spray paint ,just shake and use it . It has primer so you don’t need anything to use before or even after.


I wanted to paint the lower portion so I taped the upper half and covered it with newspaper.I always cover the floor or surface with a plastic sheet or newspaper /flyers whenever I use paints.Give a good shake and spray from distance of approx 10-15 cm for a good coverage.


Leave it for an hour or so and do another coat if required.I left it over night and let it dry completely.Oh yes!! I forgot to tell you I painted the handles as well.


Its big enough to hold my kids toys or even blankets and extra cushions .I love spray paints and you don’t even need any skills(advanced) for this technique.Let me know if I missed something!

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DIY Hairpin Legs Bench

20171017_135341Well….its been a while I made this Hair Pin Leg Bench for my entryway.I made this bench in early spring and then we got busy in vacations and I didn’t get time to write a post about it.Now after getting so many compliments and people ask me how did I make it so here you go…It easy but Little bit costly as Hairpin legs are not cheap but kind of affordable and easy to DIY (with help of husband).


We don’t have a big foyer but always need something to sit on to tie my shoes and go.I love Hairpin Legs so much and ordered  online at Rusty Design Canada , these 2-rod Hairpin legs 16″ came in set of 4.I love them as it is. They are raw iron and easy to attached.


I asked my husband to attach the Hairpin legs to the base of the seat/bench(I already had). I didn’t paint the legs and like them as it is but never know I will paint some day. When legs are attached its easy to add foam and batting.

20170515_103153.jpgI attached the foam with wooden base with adhesive spray and then staple the batting and fabric down with staple gun.I used the knitted fabric that actually I brought from a garage sale 2 years ago .I toss some cushions and a throw and its perfect for my entryway.


This throw is a DIY and I already had this hand knitted scarf/throw,  I attached tussles .This painted toy/blanket basket is also a DIY..tutorial (both)coming soon.

So Let me know Do you like this bright and colorful but modern bench ?you can put anywhere around your house?

I made another Bench/Ottoman before…check here DIY Ottoman

(This is not a sponsored post)

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DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

I am really obsessed with the yarn and jute these days. Making Tussles/ Pom- poms is my favorite hobby .I am so excited to show the final result of a project I posted on Facebook page last week,Its one of my favorite and quick DIY with limited supplies  I have done so far.


I wanted a hanging planter,either a macramé ones or just a plastic ones for my Master Bedroom.I even tried to DIY some macrame but didnt like them much.I made this super easy DIY wooden plate hanging planter like a pro.Love it !


Supplies Needed

Wooden plate/Saucer

Yarn or Twine

Wooden Beads.

I used my staple gun and a key  ring.



All You need to do is roughly cut two 40 inch yarn pieces,make an X and place wooden plate over it. I stapled it down like this,now grab all the four pieces and tie a knot.You can cut the yarn in desired lenght ,Tie a knot 5 inches away from the end of the yarn .Add a wooden bead,tie another knot above the bead.


I added wooden bead,make another knot and tie a loop or attach a key ring .I glued the open yarn string ,and complete it by adding another smaller wooden bead.


For the bottom I finished by adding a tussle, you can make a contrasting color or whatever you like.I simply wrap the same colored yarn on a small card/wallet and make a tussle (will do a tutorial how to make tussles and pom-pom).I Tied the tussle and hang it in my bedroom


I just love this simple and quick DIY .I added a plant pot and It look amazingly great and refreshing.


If you like can  paint or stain the wooden saucer,but I love this as it is!!



Mid Week Fave!

Mid-Week Fave!!

I got a great feedback on my *Midweek Fave* post.Thanks for liking it!!Me too, also love sharing stuff things with you guys.

I was looking for a good body butter to moisturize  my skin in cold and dry weather. I brought hand-made body butter with coconut oil from Winner’s.

22196317_10155485107590791_6925979556928137740_nIt’s very rich and moisturize my skin so well.I got this small tub,but im sure its enough for me at least 3 months.


I have a passion of collecting baskets and bins/buckets these days.I got these cute little buckets from Target USA. (I also seen similar at Micheal’s)


These little bins are perfect for my craft items,or even holding paint brushes / pens or can be used for party treats.


Last but not least very excited to show you these Gold Foil (or Sonay Ka Waraq) .I ordered online and going to use very soon ,Finger crossed!!

Why dont you guys tell me whats up there ??..love to hear..so share ya !!


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DIY Birthday Party Garland

Its Abdullah’s Birthday this weekend ,so its party time.Yay…!!!!It means I need to plan ,decorate and entertain bunch of kids in a budget. Its always hard to decorate/make anything for boys either its for their room or planning a birthday party. I thought to make a garland banner thats so simple but time taking.I already make a banner for Ramadan/Eid ,you can check DIY Ramadan Banner here.

All You need Gift Tissue papers,I got from Dollar Tree.I brought 1 pack of 25 sheets of multi colored sheets.


Take one sheet out,fold it in half,cut longitudinal but Not all the way up.


Unfold the paper and you will get the fringes on both sides,just twist paper from one end to the other end.I am showing through pictures,hopefully you get it.


Twist it all the way up,fold in half again


Now twist it and tape it to make a loop, add twine or jute and tie it on a loop.Make as many you want.


I made different colored garland, you can use whatever pattern you like.I simply attached with jute (I didnt have twine)at that time with the loop I made.

20171014_122110Its very easy ,You can ask your kids to help  and make pattern for you.





Mid Week Fave!

Mid-Week Fave!!

We are having Thanksgiving this weekend, yes it is long weekend!!. .Have couple of plans already…,plus kids will be home so I will get more/less(?? ) time to get pending  things done?No Idea!

I am so so excited to show You guys my very first Blog labels.I had coupons and I used online at My LabelFactory.com.


I got sample size though but love them,Going to use them for sure.They do have so many options / designs to choose from like Nature,Animals,Cartoons and some other designs.I ordered some everyday labels for my kids aswell.

It’s perfect weather to wear just anything,you can wear your Boots or even your Sandals.I have a very long history of my love with Khussa. My besties are witnessed, I just love love  them, no matter what type of they are!

My all time favourite is Kundan Khussa ,you can check my favourtie here at Style Diary but recently I brought these beauties!!



I got from Local Flea Market , A very limited options to choose from. I love these embroidered ones and its little tight to me but I don’t care(I put wet newspaper overnight…and it WORKED ..Tip you know).I just love them.Getting them here is a blessing for me. Isn’t it?Embroidery is nicely done..Love the bright colors..Perfect Find!

What else!!

Recently got this Mark ” Draw TheLine” Liquid Eye Liner. I have very least make up skills but still can’t leave home without a liner and lipcolor. It is so so good.22221717_10155483667945791_4893732139182762252_n

This the best liner so far I used,One stroke goes well.I ordered online from Avon.ca . Its a water proof Eye Liner so I even did Wadu but it didn’t come off,so I thought I share it with you guys.

This is all for now,hope you love it…share with me whats your best and fave thing(s) you absoulty love!


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Grow Tomatoes In Your Kitchen Garden

I really don’t know where did September go, we are having some confused weather here. Turning heat on one day and other days we need to turn the AC on but I always love the fresh air coming right from my back yard door. I always enjoy the back view of my home no matter whats the weather outside.

Every spring/summer we(Me & my husband) go to the local nursery and I always buy some vegetables and some potting plants esp roses, although we don’t have many days to enjoy them still love this activity every year. We didn’t plant much  vegetable except tomatoes this year because we had a very busy summer. Every day I get a basket full of Cherry Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes, they are so juicy and fresh.


Everybody including my friends was telling me about the shortage/rise of tomatoes prices in the local market in Pakistan. Even I saw some jokes on social media to get bank loans to buy overpriced tomatoes…lol…joke apart!!

I thought to share some personal tips to grow your own vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, and herbs like mint and cilantro, that are so easy to plant and yes they are organic right in your own kitchen/balcony and most important super cheap.

You can plant tomatoes in a small yard or even in a large plant pot. It simple and easy and you don’t need much effort or hassle.


22089495_10155474398135791_1618306518209496869_nWeather of South Asia is so perfect and it is the easiest vegetable I have ever planted. Normally I buy a small plant (Paniyri) but a few years back I harvested them right from the seed. It takes 4 weeks to get plants from the seeds.


You can DIY and get your seeds by Sun dried method…All you need to do is keep the seedy portion in sunlight for 3 days, when it dried completely, plant it 1/2 inch soil down in the planting pot. Water the plant twice a week and keep that pot indoor at room temperature till you get them out of the seed and see those little leaves.No need to put it outside either in your yard or Balcony where you get maximum sunlight and that it…Don’t forget to tie it or use tomato cages to support it.

22196443_10155474398575791_2507942873175650916_nYou will get so many from just one plant that fair enough to use for your daily use and it is so fresh and tasty and make your dish more tasty as compare you get from local sabzi wala and you don’t even know the soil and water he used to plant them. We only get hot days a couple of months but I love home-grown vegetables.

You can use the same method for dried coriander to get cilantro/ Hara Dhania, the same as Mint and chilli pepper. Both are perfect and can be grown in a small to a large pot. That’s actually my husband’s hobby and we both enjoy it a lot and share with friends too our homegrown fresh vegetables. Do share what you like to grow?