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DIY Birthday Party Garland

Its Abdullah’s Birthday this weekend ,so its party time.Yay…!!!!It means I need to plan ,decorate and entertain bunch of kids in a budget. Its always hard to decorate/make anything for boys either its for their room or planning a birthday party. I thought to make a garland banner thats so simple but time taking.I already make a banner for Ramadan/Eid ,you can check DIY Ramadan Banner here.

All You need Gift Tissue papers,I got from Dollar Tree.I brought 1 pack of 25 sheets of multi colored sheets.


Take one sheet out,fold it in half,cut longitudinal but Not all the way up.


Unfold the paper and you will get the fringes on both sides,just twist paper from one end to the other end.I am showing through pictures,hopefully you get it.


Twist it all the way up,fold in half again


Now twist it and tape it to make a loop, add twine or jute and tie it on a loop.Make as many you want.


I made different colored garland, you can use whatever pattern you like.I simply attached with jute (I didnt have twine)at that time with the loop I made.

20171014_122110Its very easy ,You can ask your kids to help  and make pattern for you.





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