Recalling Good time……

We are entering in another year in few hours,this would be this year’s last post.I have no idea why time going so fast.When I was a child, we had so much time  for everything.I used to live in a very lively and lovely neighborhood. I don’t remember  any single day when aunties from my mohalla didn’t visit my mom.We were so interconnected positively, never ever  had  street  fights or any sort of issues.If we did something wrong, anyone(elder) can scold us and my parents didnt say anything to them because they used be like our family member  . We had ton of time to play till sunset and after  too (load shading benefits )without any insecurity.

If I got good grades everyone must visit and greet my parents and my father used to show my marksheet with pride and nobody didnt even get jealous .We didnt had any type of competition and brand race , no need of any invitation to attend wedding especially  girls side,we had enough time to make plans and start celebrations by “dholaki party” two weeks before,so much excitement in the air ,I totally missed that time.

Vacations or no vacations we had to wake up early even studying at night ,didn’t make any difference.My  mom and  elder sisters did all house chores , cooking even sewing without any help.We all(people  around me) were same,no massi,cook etc and we had plenty of time after doing  house chore all by ourselves instead of* wasting* our time,waiting of that massi who is  paid below min wages and you want her to work like a horse,not fair!!

I am proudly born in that era where we had no smart phone and I phone ,we only had one home phone in our living room and that cost per min at that time . We only allowed  to use it in front of our whole family for emergency  and urgent calls only.

We didn’t had I pad,laptops ,I pods and smart phone etc  we only had one desks top computer ,was allowed to play  “Prince of Persia ” and “Keen 4 c” for limited time and was quite addicted to those games.Internet was only connected and used by my elder siblings and we weren’t allowed to use it just because it was pretty expensive,limited hours and on top it was connected with home phone line so it made our  phone line busy. We used to read books and did quizzes by reading General  Knowledge books and encyclopedia .We were so good and survived.Recalling that time,when I had more REAL and quality  time….but we did pretty good didn’t we? love to  live a life like that!!

I wish and pray new year brings happiness and positivity for all….Happy  New Year!!

Food & Recipes

Karelye Qeema

Qeema kareyle is one of the famous Pakistani recipe made with beef mince and bitter melon . It’s quite time taking recipe  but I tried to make it simple.Lets start step by step.

Ingredients :

Qeema :1/2 kg hand chopped

Bitter Melon (Karele): 300 gm

Onion: 2 medium  (sliced)

Tomatoes:2 medium (chopped)

Ginger and garlic  paste :1 tbs

Chili powder:according to taste

Turmeric powder (Haldi):1 tsp

Coriander powder (Dhania Powder):2 tsp

Paprika powder: 1.5 tsp

Salt :to taste

Tamarind paste:1 tsp

Achar masala: 1tbs (prepared)

Ingridents  for Achar masala :

Fennel seed (Saunf):2 tsp

Mustard seed (Rayee Dana):2 tsp

Fenugreek seed (Methi Dana):1/2 tsp

Coriander  seed (Sabut Zeera ):2 tsp

Nigella seed (Kalonji):1 tsp

Grind all ingredients in a coffee grinder, stored  in dry glass jar.can be used up to 6 months.


First you need to peel and cut the bitter melon aka karela,soak in salted water and leave it for 1 hour.wash it with tap water ,drain the water and Dry karelye slices on paper towel.20161227_133101

Heat oil in cooking pan/pot,shallow fry karalye slices to golden brown,remove from oil and set aside.20161227_133558

In same oil fry onion to light golden brown,add ginger garlic paste sauté  it now add red chilli powder,turmeric powder, dhania powder,paprika powder,salt and achari masala (recipe given above). Cook  onion and dry ingredients  , mixed well ,add water and make masala.Cook it for 5-10 mins.20161227_140100.jpg

Now add Qeema , mixed well with masala,cook it Medium /low heat . Add water if required it should be near to cook when you add tomatoes .Add tomatoes  cook it 15 mins.When oil separates from the edges, add fried karyele slices and put on  low flame for another  15 mins.Add tamarind  paste and mixed it well and leave on low flame for 5 mins.Qeema karalye is ready to served.Garnish with chopped green chilies and hara dhania,serve with rôti or naan ..enjoy!!


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DIY Masks For Hair and Skin

Hi everyone,

If you are a mom ,you hardly get time to pamper your self.Going salon and spa is out of question till your kids  start their school.I am a lazy person , can easily spend a year without a hair cut or any other treatment and I am sharing my DIY masks for hair and face that can easily be done at home and give instant glow and shine to your skin and hair.

Red lentil and Orange peel facial mask:

Red Lentil :2tbs

Orange peel:1-2

Milk : 2 tbs

Honey :1 tsp


This mask can be stored in fridge for 2 weeks and you can use it 2-3 times a week.All you need to soak  red lentil (masoor daal) and orange peel overnight in milk.Milk will be absorbed by above ingredients, now,grind the mixture without any other liquid .Store in a clean and dry glass jar ,store in fridge door.

Whenever you want to use,, mix this mixture with honey .Apply it for 10 mins,let it dry.Rinse it off with water.

Avacado mask for skin

You need,

half or 1 tbs riped Avacado

1tsp honey

1/2 tsp lemon juice.


Mesh the riped Avacado in a bowl,add honey and lemon juice mix well.Apply for 15 mins.rinse  with water.

For hair:

Avacado  mask for hair gives you shine and frequent use make your hair long and healthy.Apply once a week .

Avacado:1 tbs riped

Mustard oil:1 tbs



Combined above ingredients ,apply as a hair mask.Leave for 15 mins,rinse well.shampoo if required.

These masks can be used for all type of skin and hair.Must try !you gonna love it!!


Home Decor / DIY

Media Cabinet Redo.

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to share my biggest and time-consuming project I have ever done so far.My basement needed a media console, where I can place TV and kid’s Play station and store DVD, games etc.

I  love mirrored and mid-century furniture and wanted one for my home too, I didn’t find them in local furniture stores like Leon’s, The Bricks and Ikea etc, so searched online at “Way fair”, I really liked some but not affordable even with free shipping. Luckily, I got mine from ” Estate sale”, someone who was moving abroad and wanted to sell their oversized furniture.I  sent my husband to go and have a look and I absolutely love the picture he sent me..it was still pricey to get it second handed but I knew the fact this console /sideboard is *not *cheap but solid and must be expensive.I asked him to haul it, it was really a beast, solid wood, heavy and tinted mirror make it handle ” with care” but quite neglected, scratched and much-needed love!


It rested in my garage more than four months for sure.I needed it to be done inside my home, I can’t refinish it in my garage because it’s really cold during winters and hot in summers plus I needed space and my garage is always filled with my pending projects. My husband and my brother (luckily he was here for a visit) lifted directly to my basement.It was really hard to carry it inside and then all the way to the basement, I  was so happy and Thank full to these two men who both are really close to my heart.

I was really excited to start it before you start to paint  or stain, you MUST need to prepare the surface first.I cleaned the whole cabinet with glass cleaner and cleaning wipes.It should be clean and dust free.I taped all the mirror and edges with frog tape.

I sanded it with a sanding block, wipe down and started it initially with chalk paint in coffee color after I did half of that, I  didn’t like it, can u believe this? almost painted  60% of it BUT it was not something  I wanted.I wanted a rich shade, the chalk paint make it so boring.I thought better not go for it further, it doubled my effort but ended well so no regrets!!

I sanded the whole piece again, wipe the dust down.I thought better try a  stain, I tried gel stain and one coat made a huge difference, its kind of pudding and you need to wipe down the excess stain..wait for a day to apply another coat (you need lots of patience I don’t have much). I applied two coats of stain and I reveal the beauty to my husband, he loved that too.it was really the toughest project I have ever done. My legs and back literally hurt every night.Finally, I applied a top coat that seals not only paint but also protects from scratches since it’s a media cabinet so my kids are handling it more than us.I  applied water based top coat for stains.I also changed the legs and got it from Home Depot.


This project  I have done three years ago for my basement and it still as it is as, lots of storage and organizes games, DVD, books and my crafty thingy.This post is requested by my close friend who loved it and every time she visits me , praises it more!

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Rush for Teacher’s gift??


Hi there,

December not only come along with chilly winds and snow but makes us excited to get some holidays to spend a nice family time together . It’s less than a week left for winter holidays,kids are having fun and activities nowdays.Last week before winter vacations is actually party time.I used to give gifts a day before Eid-ul-Fitar to share joy of festiveness with their fellows, thats mostly goodie bags for kids contain,chocolates, craft item (crayons etc),small toy and candy or lollypop depending on age and grades.I will show when i will be doing that.Teacher’s gift I preferred  to give before winter vacations  because at middle of school year ,after so much  stress one needs to get some appreciation to get back to work again.

Buying a gift is very hard and getting something as a gift for the person you know and interact almost every other day but  you actually don’t know what he/she likes,needs and wants.You need to know some Do’s and Dont’s before spending money.I worked as a teacher for few months and I absolutely  love  that job.Kids admire you and noticed you from head to toe.Lets discuss it as a general discussion on both side being  a teacher what I want or like or being a parent of three kids how much and what I can afford.

Depending on your budget,gift cards are always a hit.I would recommend  you to get a gift card from chapter’s, Tim  Horton  or some super stores like walmart or Sears.


For ‘male’ teacher you may give him a box of chocolate  and cookies along with  coffee jar.For female  teacher a Spa or beauty treatment  would  be great .It depends  how much you want to  spend.You may get some gift sets that ready to gift.15609222_10154616102010791_848043764_o (1).jpg

You may get some affordable  edible items like box of chocolate,cookies ,dry fruits and chocolate  eggs.It would be a great gift for both male or female teacher, you may even bake at home but make sure write ingredient before you give away.Dont give item that has peanuts ,you never know who handle your gift is.


Last year I had two female teachers to give them gifts and i knew that they are very trendy and stylish ,I saw them wearing scarfs so i gave both of them scarf  along with a card (made by my kids) & chocolates and they loved that.I have seen them wearing so it was worth  spending money.You can give cozy blankets and sleep suit but it would be expensive and if you more than two teachers to give, you might go beyond your budget.


Dont buy mug ,”I love you teacher” notes or “best teacher ever “picture frame  etc,believe me they get every year such things .They will like a hand written appreciation card by student more than mugs and frames.Dont buy things that has sizes,like shirts,cardigan.I wont suggest you to give them bags or wallets,these thing are so personal to gift.

Go out the box and observe  while you see and meet them every time.Spend under your budget .You dont need to get an expensive  gift ,its more important to appreciate them..give them “that” note!

“You are doing wonderful job!”

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From My Diary

Hi everyone ,

Having my tea right now,looking outside its pretty crazy here in Ontario Canada.We are having early winter unlike past few years,it’s so cold outside,feels like -25°c.It’s literally not a joke especially  for me who born and raised where temperature  hardly goes down to  20° but here its just a normal day ,everything is open, even kids sent outside during recess to play for about 40 mins (I know , poor kids).Life here is like that,kids need to be used too of this harsh and cold weather that last till end of April.I feel so blessed to be a home stayed mom,  having a centrally heated house ,feeling so warm  and cozy.I dont have to wear layers of clothes inside.

I  was feeling really depressed  and sad  since last week for multiple  reasons.Life goes on,no matter what,this is the reality.You just need to be thankful what you have!! stay blessed!

Food & Recipes

Cheesy Pasta


Hi there,

I was requested  to make some quick and tasty recipes especially  for kids.Pasta is not only kids favorite  but  healthy too.This pasta recipe is easy to make and hard to resist, must try!


Beef/Chicken lean mince:1/2 kg

Tomato paste:2 tbs

Pasta sauce:4 tbs

Onion:1 small(omelet cut)

Garlic chopped: 1 tsp

Black pepper: 1 tsp

Salt:as required.

Mozzarella Cheese:250 gm

Pasta :as required

Oil: 2 tbs

For White Sauce:

Butter: 1 tbs

All Purpose Flour (maida):2 tbs

Milk:1/2-1  cup

Salt & Pepper  :As required (pinch each)


Heat oil in a large cooking pan,saute onion and garlic to light golden brown.Add beef mince and cook it on medium flame until meat changes color .Add salt , pepper ,pasta sauce and tomato paste mix well and cook  on medium to low flame about 1/2 hr or until meat cook completely.

Now make white sauce,In a separate pan,over a medium heat,melt butter.Add flour and stir it until both combined.Now gradually add milk,stirring constantly so mixture becomes smooth.Add more milk if required .add salt and pepper.set aside.

Cook  pasta (any type i used macaroni ) as  directed.In a large baking dish layer cooked mince sauce ,white sauce, pasta and cheese (you may multiple layers), bake at 350° F for about 15 -20 mins . Cheese  pasta is ready to serve.