Recalling Good time……

We are entering in another year in few hours,this would be this year’s last post.I have no idea why time going so fast.When I was a child, we had so much time  for everything.I used to live in a very lively and lovely neighborhood. I don’t remember  any single day when aunties from my mohalla didn’t visit my mom.We were so interconnected positively, never ever  had  street  fights or any sort of issues.If we did something wrong, anyone(elder) can scold us and my parents didnt say anything to them because they used be like our family member  . We had ton of time to play till sunset and after  too (load shading benefits )without any insecurity.

If I got good grades everyone must visit and greet my parents and my father used to show my marksheet with pride and nobody didnt even get jealous .We didnt had any type of competition and brand race , no need of any invitation to attend wedding especially  girls side,we had enough time to make plans and start celebrations by “dholaki party” two weeks before,so much excitement in the air ,I totally missed that time.

Vacations or no vacations we had to wake up early even studying at night ,didn’t make any difference.My  mom and  elder sisters did all house chores , cooking even sewing without any help.We all(people  around me) were same,no massi,cook etc and we had plenty of time after doing  house chore all by ourselves instead of* wasting* our time,waiting of that massi who is  paid below min wages and you want her to work like a horse,not fair!!

I am proudly born in that era where we had no smart phone and I phone ,we only had one home phone in our living room and that cost per min at that time . We only allowed  to use it in front of our whole family for emergency  and urgent calls only.

We didn’t had I pad,laptops ,I pods and smart phone etc  we only had one desks top computer ,was allowed to play  “Prince of Persia ” and “Keen 4 c” for limited time and was quite addicted to those games.Internet was only connected and used by my elder siblings and we weren’t allowed to use it just because it was pretty expensive,limited hours and on top it was connected with home phone line so it made our  phone line busy. We used to read books and did quizzes by reading General  Knowledge books and encyclopedia .We were so good and survived.Recalling that time,when I had more REAL and quality  time….but we did pretty good didn’t we? love to  live a life like that!!

I wish and pray new year brings happiness and positivity for all….Happy  New Year!!


Welcome to my nest!


Hi everyone!!

I always wanted to write ..even a letter from my friend  gives me million dollar  smile..True!…let me give you a little intro before I begin..I am  Pakistan born Canadian,married to a wonderful husband and have three lovely kids … moved to Canada almost 12 years ago after I got married….love both countries equally ….although lifestyle is totally different . ..I am gonna share what I am  doing in my nest….. from cooking to crafting..from style to DIY….some times its a marry-go-round and other  day you will be  having a rollar coaster ride…so enjoy the  ride!!