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Lets Start From Back Splash

I am so grateful to  all of you for appreciating  my kitchen make over so much .As I  promised,I will share from failure to success. ..yes …I got failed,stressed out or whatever you say..almost about to give up.I changed my mind so many times and I am really happy with Canadian  Return policy otherwise I would have been bankrupt.You would be amazed I returned almost everything other than this my marble tiles,because I loved them alot. The only thing that gave me a lay out for my kitchen. ..than I realize need to do some paper work and did some online and in store search and finally decided to go with the “Monochromatic” kitchen (with same shades )of neutrals.


You have so much options to  choose from,its all depends how much  you wana spend.lets start ,from back splash .There are lot of options  available  from glass tiles to ceramic, metal and porcelain tiles.

If you are living in rental or do some simple DIY peel and sticks are available.They are easy, look good but kind of temporary make over.I liked metal peel and stick tiles but they are way too much expensive  for temporary  solution.It can be done if you have a small project.

18057059_10154978403495791_3754173453917180044_n.jpgIf you are doing everything, my two cents advice…always start from countertop and  floor than back splash and  choose your cabinets accordingly after you done… Dont choose your cabinet color before your counter top or back splash….your back splash would look different after grouting is done.

20170121_222956We (me + Husband) mutually loved the “Valensa 2×4 “Mosaic subway tiles at Lowe’s and we brought them rightway.Intially I wanted to DIY but it was so heavy and thick.It cant be cut without professional grade tile saw.Renting a saw worth more than I hire…this is the only thing we didnt DIY..once you choose your tiles,you need to buy grout.Its upto you to choose the shade of your grout ,went with the almost same/lighter shade called “Alabaster”.I removed this cabinet  from the wall between window and walk out back yard.I had no idea about results.I was really scared but I love the results,this wall become focal point of my kitchen and  needs a make over.

People at home renovation centers are very helpful .You can ask them  what type of grout and adhesive would be used . You can see here how they look like after grouting is done..I am more than happy and enjoying my marble subwway tiles.

20170409_205532If you like to know anything let me know,got so many questions  about my DIY cabinet transformation.Details coming up very soon(Hopefully )!!

Home Decor / DIY

Kitchen Make Over….Reveal!

I am so excited and happy to reveal the long-awaited project ever, I put all my efforts to make my Dream kitchen, It took more than 2 months along with lots of research, hard work and stress (everything) behind the biggest renovation so far…!!

This is not sponsored post, I have done almost everything all my self with help of my husband. However, I had to hire a contractor for our backsplash. I could n’t tell you details right now…I promise I will tell you each and everything step by step in coming weeks……Did I tell you… it’s not completed yet … our dishwasher is on its way …but I couldn’t wait for another couple of weeks for that, so please ignore that black ugly dishwasher at this moment….. I am so sorry for making you guys wait for long too…..Are you ready??

let’s start with the Before, I shared a few days ago…


and the final result…


Another before,20170121_222950

Here is after,20170410_112425.jpg

There are lots of choices for everything, it was really hard to decide what will look good in my kitchen. Initially, back splash was not on our “To Do” list but I always wanted it.


here is after,


I fall in first sight love when I saw these Marble subway tiles. I wanted to DIY but didn’t take any chance just because they are super heavy and thick, second, you simply can’t “undo” it..so better to hire somebody if you are unsure to DIY like me. I am glad we hired a professional…I love it after the grouting is done.20170410_102617.jpg

It’s more in Taupe shades than in grey in real…


Next, I  need to change the counter-top, I had that black laminate countertop. It looks odd once my back splash is installed and I wanted to change it too ..I love Granite but that’s really out of the budget, I wouldn’t change it and keep it as it is until and unless I didn’t find the much cheaper option of “Stone Coating”.I love the result..you can see how it look ….in between, I DIY  this cake stand.


Last(not actually) but not least, that took my most of the time …Yes…I painted my kitchen cabinets. It was oak but in pretty good shape…I sanded,2x primed and painted 3-4 coats of Benjamin Moore Advance, waited so much to let them dry. All you need patience but it really worth to wait.


I changed all hardware, again I used 3 different types of hardware in my cabinets and drawers.Can you guys spot them.??.my stove top cabinets has Brushed Nickel knobs, the rest of the cabinets has BN handles and my drawers has BN pulls.


I had to wood filling for drawers pulls because the size was different (again, details later).


This Dollar Tree tray keeps my counter-top clean from oil etc and I DIY Mason jar ” stove potpourri”.I  used some wooden boards from Winners and glass decor to complete it. A little jug is perfect for cooking oil.


On the other side of the stove, I used a wooden tray and my frequently used items.I bought these Chalkboard Tea and sugar jars from Home Sense, a utensil holder from Avon with colorful utensil set and a vanilla candle from Home Sense…it smells nice when I lighten it up.


I have removed the cabinet from the wall, to have this marble subway tiles up to the ceiling and I am so happy with the result..this wall is waiting for a makeover.


These blue Retro bottles are so cute but I  couldn’t find the tray/holder I  really looking for, so I used one of my old set of mirror art. It matches perfectly with these small glass bottles.


Both bottles and mirror are from Avon.


I simply removed the dish rack and I have no plans to use one since I am waiting for my dishwasher to come. This tall chic flower jug and flowers are from Burgundy.20170409_211143

These flowers are fake but look real.


This green candle holder is  “Target” short-term stay in Canada and I really missed that store.


I couldn’t resist buying the dish soap dispenser and dish.The smell of gingerbread makes my mood on.20170409_205432

On microwave I placed this wooden fold-able tray from Pakistan gifted by my dear khala, this faux plant is from Dollarma.


This accent rug is from “Home Sense”, it matches the decor and love the tussles.


I also changed the light fixtures, After a long search online and in-store finally bought this set from “Home Sense “. 20170410_103046.jpgI am so pleased with the result, I was so scared before I started it but trust me if I can do it you can do it too, all you need is patience…I won’t say it easy …but hard work that worth!!…the new tiles, clean countertop and new cabinet colour make you love it.


I will tell the details of DIY and process of Renovation (selection/confusion/ failures etc)in separate posts in coming weeks. If you need to know more please leave a message in comments.

Food & Recipes


Sharing this recipe with you guys with a hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.Khousay is south Indian dish and one of my favorite  dish .Its a bit lenghty but I tried my best to make it simple.Lets start!!

I am writing down ingridents and  method step by step to avoid confusion.

Ingredients : 

Chicken boneless : 1 kg


Turmaric powder :2 tsp

Cumin powder :1 tsp

Ginger and Garlic  Paste : 1 tbs

Chilli Powder : according to taste

Whole spice powder : 1 tsp

Salt : to taste

My secret paste : Blend half tomato and 5-7 almond, make a smooth paste.It will give a rich taste to gravy.


Combine above ingredients and marinate chicken for 2 hours and more.

Khousay Gravy : 

Onion : 1 medium

Coconut milk : 2 cans

Gram Flour : 2 Tbs ( sauté it for 5 mins)


Heat oil and fry onion to light golden brown, add marinated chicken and fry it for few minutes. Add water and cook it on medium heat till chicken cook.Add coconut milk and bring it to boil.Now put it on low flame for 15 mins. Add gram flour(Bhuna Besan )  and keep stirring to avoid  any lumps,it thicken the gravy .Khousay Gravy is ready.


How To  Serve : 

Onion : 1  omelet cut off

Green  chillies : 4-5

Green corriander : 1  bunch


Garlic : 5-6 cloves

Oil : as required

Heat oil and fry garlic .

Chilli Sauce :

In same oil take out some and fry chilli flakes to make chilli sauce .

Samosaa patti,cut and fry it ,you can use finger chips .


Noodles : 1 packet ( cook as directed).

In serving plate layer noodles and khousay gravy and serve with green masla, onion fried garlic,top  it with chillie sauce and samosa patti or finger chips.Enjoy!!