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Kitchen Make Over….Reveal!

I am so excited and happy to reveal the long-awaited project ever,I put all my efforts to make my Dream kitchen, It took more than 2 months along with lots of research, hard work  and stress (everything) behind the biggest renovation so far…!!

This is not sponsored post, I have done almost everything all my self with help of my husband.How ever,I had to hire a contractor  for back splash..I couldn’t  tell you details right now..I promise I will tell you each and everything step by step in coming weeks……Did I tell you..its not completed yet … our dish washer is on its way …but I couldn’t wait for another couple of weeks for that ,so please ignore that black ugly dishwasher at this moment….. I am so sorry for making you guys to wait for long too…..Are you ready??

lets start from the Before, I shared few days ago…


and the final result…


Another before,20170121_222950

Here is after,20170410_112425.jpg

There are lots of choices for everything, it was really hard to decide what will look good in my kitchen. Initially back splash was  not on our “To Do” list but I always wanted it.


here is after,


I fall in  first sight love when I saw these Marble subway tiles.I wanted to DIY but didn’t take any chance just because they are super heavy and thick , second you simply can’t “undo” it..so better to hire some body if you are unsure to DIY like me.I am glad we hire some body…I love it after the grouting is done.20170410_102617.jpg

Its more in Taupe shades than in grey in real…


Next I  need to change the counter top,I had that black laminate counter top.It look odd  once my back splash is installed and I wanted  to change it too ..I love Granite but that’s really out of budget,I wouldn’t change it and keep it as it is until and unless I didn’t find the much cheaper option of “Stone Coating”.I love the result..you can see how it look ….in between, I DIY  this cake stand.


Last(not actually) but not least,that took my most of the time …Yes..I painted my kitchen cabinets.It was  oak but in pretty good shape….I sanded,2x primed and painted 3-4 coats of Benjamin Moore Advance,waited so much to let them dry.All you need patients but it really worth to wait.

I changed the all hard ware,again I used 3 different types of hardware in my cabinets and drawers.Can you guys spot them.??.my stove top cabinets has Brushed Nickel knobs,the rest of the cabinets has BN handles and my drawers has BN pulls.


I had to wood filling for drawers pulls because the size were different (again,details later).


This Dollar Tree tray keeps my counter top  clean from oil etc and I DIY Mason jar ” stove pot pourri ” .I  used some wooden boards from Winners and glass decor  to complete it.A little jug is perfect for cooking oil .


On the other side of stove I used a wooden tray and my frequently used items.I brought these Chalk board Tea and sugar jars from Home Sense, a utensil holder from Avon with colorful utensil set and a vanilla candle from Home Sense…it smell nice when I lighten it up.


I have removed the cabinet from the wall ,to have this marble subway tiles up to the ceiling and I am so happy with the result..this wall is waiting for a make over.


This blue Retro bottles are so cute but I  couldn’t find the tray/holder I  really looking for ,so I used one of my old set of mirror art .It matches perfectly with these small glass bottles.


Both bottles and mirror are from Avon.


I simply removed the dish rack and I have no plans to use one since i am waiting for my dish washer to come.This tall chic flower jug and flowers are from Burgundy.20170409_211143

These flowers are fake but look real.


This green candle holder is  “Target” short term stay in Canada and I really missed that store.


I couldn’t resist to buy the dish soap dispenser and dish.The smell of ginger bread make my mood on.20170409_205432

On microwave I placed this wooden fold-able tray from Pakistan gifted by my dear khala, this faux plant is from Dollarma.


This   accent rug is from “Home Sense” ,it matches the decor and love the tussles.


I also changed the light fixtures,After a long search online and in store,finally brought this set from “Home Sense “. 20170410_103046.jpgI am so pleased with the result,I was so scared before I started it but trust me if I can do it you can do it too,all you need is patients…I wont say it easy …but hard work that worth!!…the new tiles, clean counter top and new cabinet color make you to love it.


I will tell the details  of  DIY and process of Renovation (selection/confusion/ failures etc)in separate posts in  coming weeks,If you need to know more please leave a message in comments.

13 thoughts on “Kitchen Make Over….Reveal!

  1. U done wonderful job I really like this and inspiring work for us well done keep it up ,but it’s not look easy it’s very hard job again u done very well like a professional work wonderful


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