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Sharing this recipe with you guys with a hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.Khousay is south Indian dish and one of my favorite  dish .Its a bit lenghty but I tried my best to make it simple.Lets start!!

I am writing down ingridents and  method step by step to avoid confusion.

Ingredients : 

Chicken boneless : 1 kg


Turmaric powder :2 tsp

Cumin powder :1 tsp

Ginger and Garlic  Paste : 1 tbs

Chilli Powder : according to taste

Whole spice powder : 1 tsp

Salt : to taste

My secret paste : Blend half tomato and 5-7 almond, make a smooth paste.It will give a rich taste to gravy.


Combine above ingredients and marinate chicken for 2 hours and more.

Khousay Gravy : 

Onion : 1 medium

Coconut milk : 2 cans

Gram Flour : 2 Tbs ( sauté it for 5 mins)


Heat oil and fry onion to light golden brown, add marinated chicken and fry it for few minutes. Add water and cook it on medium heat till chicken cook.Add coconut milk and bring it to boil.Now put it on low flame for 15 mins. Add gram flour(Bhuna Besan )  and keep stirring to avoid  any lumps,it thicken the gravy .Khousay Gravy is ready.


How To  Serve : 

Onion : 1  omelet cut off

Green  chillies : 4-5

Green corriander : 1  bunch


Garlic : 5-6 cloves

Oil : as required

Heat oil and fry garlic .

Chilli Sauce :

In same oil take out some and fry chilli flakes to make chilli sauce .

Samosaa patti,cut and fry it ,you can use finger chips .


Noodles : 1 packet ( cook as directed).

In serving plate layer noodles and khousay gravy and serve with green masla, onion fried garlic,top  it with chillie sauce and samosa patti or finger chips.Enjoy!!


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