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Kitchen Make Over (Before)

Hi Every one,

Finally,its time to start talking about a project I sneaked  peak  on  my Facebook page long time ago.Oh Yes!!.. I am  renovating  my  kitchen almost all by my self.I have learnt lots of lessons,  failures (and returns ) but before I start talking about what I am doing and what I need to do more.Lets start from “The Before”.20170121_222937.jpgI really love my kitchen,a big and bright walkout kitchen with  lots of cabinet and a window above the sink .I didn’t touch and loved as it is more than five years ,now its time to do a make over.We updated our glass top stove 2 years ago to gas cooking range.This is the best decision I  have  ever made,I prefared to go for an upgraded model with a seperate bottom baking drawer for some quick baking and warming lunches.We choose GE profile,if you are tired  of using glass top stove I would 100% suggest you to switch to gas stove(will share my experience  soon).I desperately  want to change the ugly black range  hood which was intially white and I  spray painted black as a temporary update (that last more than 4 years).

My dish washer that comes with this house broke down I guess it was older than I expected, so we are going to buy new one soon.I definitely going to change window treatment,but no idea at this moment.

So what else is happening here…updating my kitchen  cabinet and counter top and yes back splash.You can see my oak cabinets,black laminate counter top and bare walls.


My oak solid wood cabinets were  in pretty  good condition  thats  why I  want  to  keep  them.I am going to paint them.I have lots of cabinets  and drawers,Its a bigger than average kitchen.I need to be prepared for lots of work,lots of sanding priming and of course patience. If you are intending  to  paint anything you need to wait between coats and it may takes more than the estimated  time  you  would ever think of.I  wanted backsplash  that goes upto the ceiling and Wanted it so much so I already  removed  the cabinet thats right in between  my window and my walk out door.

You can see the big bare wall after we removed the cabinet.What else,I will change light fixtures  and other time to time updates and upgrades.Are you ready?I am enjoying the change so far,stay tuned  and get inspired with me.

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