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From My Diary

Hi everyone ,

Having my tea right now,looking outside its pretty crazy here in Ontario Canada.We are having early winter unlike past few years,it’s so cold outside,feels like -25°c.It’s literally not a joke especially  for me who born and raised where temperature  hardly goes down to  20° but here its just a normal day ,everything is open, even kids sent outside during recess to play for about 40 mins (I know , poor kids).Life here is like that,kids need to be used too of this harsh and cold weather that last till end of April.I feel so blessed to be a home stayed mom,  having a centrally heated house ,feeling so warm  and cozy.I dont have to wear layers of clothes inside.

I  was feeling really depressed  and sad  since last week for multiple  reasons.Life goes on,no matter what,this is the reality.You just need to be thankful what you have!! stay blessed!

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