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Rush for Teacher’s gift??


Hi there,

December not only come along with chilly winds and snow but makes us excited to get some holidays to spend a nice family time together . It’s less than a week left for winter holidays,kids are having fun and activities nowdays.Last week before winter vacations is actually party time.I used to give gifts a day before Eid-ul-Fitar to share joy of festiveness with their fellows, thats mostly goodie bags for kids contain,chocolates, craft item (crayons etc),small toy and candy or lollypop depending on age and grades.I will show when i will be doing that.Teacher’s gift I preferred  to give before winter vacations  because at middle of school year ,after so much  stress one needs to get some appreciation to get back to work again.

Buying a gift is very hard and getting something as a gift for the person you know and interact almost every other day but  you actually don’t know what he/she likes,needs and wants.You need to know some Do’s and Dont’s before spending money.I worked as a teacher for few months and I absolutely  love  that job.Kids admire you and noticed you from head to toe.Lets discuss it as a general discussion on both side being  a teacher what I want or like or being a parent of three kids how much and what I can afford.

Depending on your budget,gift cards are always a hit.I would recommend  you to get a gift card from chapter’s, Tim  Horton  or some super stores like walmart or Sears.


For ‘male’ teacher you may give him a box of chocolate  and cookies along with  coffee jar.For female  teacher a Spa or beauty treatment  would  be great .It depends  how much you want to  spend.You may get some gift sets that ready to gift.15609222_10154616102010791_848043764_o (1).jpg

You may get some affordable  edible items like box of chocolate,cookies ,dry fruits and chocolate  eggs.It would be a great gift for both male or female teacher, you may even bake at home but make sure write ingredient before you give away.Dont give item that has peanuts ,you never know who handle your gift is.


Last year I had two female teachers to give them gifts and i knew that they are very trendy and stylish ,I saw them wearing scarfs so i gave both of them scarf  along with a card (made by my kids) & chocolates and they loved that.I have seen them wearing so it was worth  spending money.You can give cozy blankets and sleep suit but it would be expensive and if you more than two teachers to give, you might go beyond your budget.


Dont buy mug ,”I love you teacher” notes or “best teacher ever “picture frame  etc,believe me they get every year such things .They will like a hand written appreciation card by student more than mugs and frames.Dont buy things that has sizes,like shirts,cardigan.I wont suggest you to give them bags or wallets,these thing are so personal to gift.

Go out the box and observe  while you see and meet them every time.Spend under your budget .You dont need to get an expensive  gift ,its more important to appreciate them..give them “that” note!

“You are doing wonderful job!”

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