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Media Cabinet Redo.

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to share my biggest and time-consuming project I have ever done so far.My basement needed a media console, where I can place TV and kid’s Play station and store DVD, games etc.

I  love mirrored and mid-century furniture and wanted one for my home too, I didn’t find them in local furniture stores like Leon’s, The Bricks and Ikea etc, so searched online at “Way fair”, I really liked some but not affordable even with free shipping. Luckily, I got mine from ” Estate sale”, someone who was moving abroad and wanted to sell their oversized furniture.I  sent my husband to go and have a look and I absolutely love the picture he sent me..it was still pricey to get it second handed but I knew the fact this console /sideboard is *not *cheap but solid and must be expensive.I asked him to haul it, it was really a beast, solid wood, heavy and tinted mirror make it handle ” with care” but quite neglected, scratched and much-needed love!


It rested in my garage more than four months for sure.I needed it to be done inside my home, I can’t refinish it in my garage because it’s really cold during winters and hot in summers plus I needed space and my garage is always filled with my pending projects. My husband and my brother (luckily he was here for a visit) lifted directly to my basement.It was really hard to carry it inside and then all the way to the basement, I  was so happy and Thank full to these two men who both are really close to my heart.

I was really excited to start it before you start to paint  or stain, you MUST need to prepare the surface first.I cleaned the whole cabinet with glass cleaner and cleaning wipes.It should be clean and dust free.I taped all the mirror and edges with frog tape.

I sanded it with a sanding block, wipe down and started it initially with chalk paint in coffee color after I did half of that, I  didn’t like it, can u believe this? almost painted  60% of it BUT it was not something  I wanted.I wanted a rich shade, the chalk paint make it so boring.I thought better not go for it further, it doubled my effort but ended well so no regrets!!

I sanded the whole piece again, wipe the dust down.I thought better try a  stain, I tried gel stain and one coat made a huge difference, its kind of pudding and you need to wipe down the excess stain..wait for a day to apply another coat (you need lots of patience I don’t have much). I applied two coats of stain and I reveal the beauty to my husband, he loved that too.it was really the toughest project I have ever done. My legs and back literally hurt every night.Finally, I applied a top coat that seals not only paint but also protects from scratches since it’s a media cabinet so my kids are handling it more than us.I  applied water based top coat for stains.I also changed the legs and got it from Home Depot.


This project  I have done three years ago for my basement and it still as it is as, lots of storage and organizes games, DVD, books and my crafty thingy.This post is requested by my close friend who loved it and every time she visits me , praises it more!

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