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DIY Ottoman

Hi there,

I love window shopping, I can spend hours in furniture and consignment stores.I often visit high-end stores like Pier One Imports and Bombay but just to get inspiration. If You need to search online Wayfair and West Elem has the best collection.

suzani_ottomans0217_suzani03_rect540_thumbGoogle Image

I wanted an ottoman like this but its really costly, I don’t want to pay $300-400 for it when I can DIY.I had a coffee table in my garage for a couple of years.I thought it was a perfect size. Sorry for the bad and blurry picture I did this project a long time ago so had no idea at that time I would be writing down about it on my blog.


I wanted to remove legs but it had been glued and attached to the base.So no choice, I sanded it first, wiped down. Applied 2 coats of gel stain and dried it between coats about 12 hours.

Now fun part started, I Used an accent rug gifted by a very nice lady.I thought its perfect for this project.It’s actually a wall hanging type small 4×6 rug.I loved the colors and mirrors.

I also needed foam and batting. Keep in mind foam is quite expensive, Use coupons whenever you buy it.I used my Micheal’s craft store 50% coupon so it cost me almost half..scored..!!!

I simply glued the foam with the base of the coffee table with fabric adhesive, allowed to dry.Now attached batting and fabric or rug and stapled it down to the base.


I have this ottoman in my bedroom, I love it so much.

(I re-writing about it, I don’t know how the content disappeared for no reason.)

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