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Grow Tomatoes In Your Kitchen Garden

I really don’t know where did September go, we are having some confused weather here. Turning heat on one day and other days we need to turn the AC on but I always love the fresh air coming right from my back yard door. I always enjoy the back view of my home no matter whats the weather outside.

Every spring/summer we(Me & my husband) go to the local nursery and I always buy some vegetables and some potting plants esp roses, although we don’t have many days to enjoy them still love this activity every year. We didn’t plant much  vegetable except tomatoes this year because we had a very busy summer. Every day I get a basket full of Cherry Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes, they are so juicy and fresh.


Everybody including my friends was telling me about the shortage/rise of tomatoes prices in the local market in Pakistan. Even I saw some jokes on social media to get bank loans to buy overpriced tomatoes…lol…joke apart!!

I thought to share some personal tips to grow your own vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, and herbs like mint and cilantro, that are so easy to plant and yes they are organic right in your own kitchen/balcony and most important super cheap.

You can plant tomatoes in a small yard or even in a large plant pot. It simple and easy and you don’t need much effort or hassle.


22089495_10155474398135791_1618306518209496869_nWeather of South Asia is so perfect and it is the easiest vegetable I have ever planted. Normally I buy a small plant (Paniyri) but a few years back I harvested them right from the seed. It takes 4 weeks to get plants from the seeds.


You can DIY and get your seeds by Sun dried method…All you need to do is keep the seedy portion in sunlight for 3 days, when it dried completely, plant it 1/2 inch soil down in the planting pot. Water the plant twice a week and keep that pot indoor at room temperature till you get them out of the seed and see those little leaves.No need to put it outside either in your yard or Balcony where you get maximum sunlight and that it…Don’t forget to tie it or use tomato cages to support it.

22196443_10155474398575791_2507942873175650916_nYou will get so many from just one plant that fair enough to use for your daily use and it is so fresh and tasty and make your dish more tasty as compare you get from local sabzi wala and you don’t even know the soil and water he used to plant them. We only get hot days a couple of months but I love home-grown vegetables.

You can use the same method for dried coriander to get cilantro/ Hara Dhania, the same as Mint and chilli pepper. Both are perfect and can be grown in a small to a large pot. That’s actually my husband’s hobby and we both enjoy it a lot and share with friends too our homegrown fresh vegetables. Do share what you like to grow?

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