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DIY Gold & White Basket

22861718_10155551252135791_4697476998440994468_oIf I say  I love spray paints,it’s so so true just because I want instant results (I am Be-sabari soul..lol).It’s so simple and easy,Just hold a spray paint and get an entirely new look.


Few days ago,I showed you guys my Hair pin legs bench and you can see entire post Here. I promised to tell you guys about the white Rattan basket that I got from a local consignment store(You can take your old ones too) and I love the shape and you know what, its brand new and tag were still on.


Honestly speaking,It was plain and Boring and I didn’t like “as it  was”much.I wanted to do something different that give a lift. I  love the gold metallic spray paint ,just shake and use it . It has primer so you don’t need anything to use before or even after.


I wanted to paint the lower portion so I taped the upper half and covered it with newspaper.I always cover the floor or surface with a plastic sheet or newspaper /flyers whenever I use paints.Give a good shake and spray from distance of approx 10-15 cm for a good coverage.


Leave it for an hour or so and do another coat if required.I left it over night and let it dry completely.Oh yes!! I forgot to tell you I painted the handles as well.


Its big enough to hold my kids toys or even blankets and extra cushions .I love spray paints and you don’t even need any skills(advanced) for this technique.Let me know if I missed something!

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