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Hand Made Bath Bombs

It’s doesn’t matter how old are you but everyone wants a spa kinda bathe.Epecially If you are a mom of  little babies or toddlers and you get hardly 15 mins to enjoy your bath than this easy DIY bath bombs are perfect for you to enjoy your ten minutes “Mommy Me Time”.


If you don’t want to DIY it’s easily available everywhere even dollar store but I made with kids on weekend to keep them busy and they enjoyed to use their very own hand-made fizzy bath bomb while taking their bath.

You will need:

Baking Soda:1 cup

Citric Acid:1/2 cup

Corn Starch/Flour :1/2 cup

Epsom salt:1/4 cup

Coconut Oil : 2 Tbs

Essential Oil : 1Tsp

Food Colour: 1 Tsp

Molds/ice-cube Tray

Mix first four dry ingredients in any glass bowl and remove all lumps.Melt coconut oil in microwave and mix it slowly  with the help of fork.Now add any essential oil (I used lavender essential oil)and food color,mix well.Now add water but Dont use water so quickly ,it will start fizzing.

received_10155568565900791Take a bath bomb or an ice-cube mold, press the mixture on one half and then do the same with other half now join the mold and leave it over night .Making a bath bomb in  a mold is little tricky as it can crack when you open ,if it does !!rub oil on your palm and shape with the hand.Its more easy to use to use ice cube mold tray.Gently press the mixture and leave it over night or 6-8 hours.

20171028_155136I bet !!!! You will be addicted once you start making it.These orange bath bombs , I made   ( first time ) a week ago when I didn’t have food colors.I used Zarda rung  (Yellow/Orange food color)and it was so good. I added dried Rosemary leaves inside the mold,it makes a divine aroma with lavender essential oil  (My kids asked me not to use Rosemary leaves,So no more herbs inside ).

20171028_155158If You have everything handy ,you must try this and ask your kids to do this activity to enjoy  the fizzy refreshing bath after.


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