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DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

I am really obsessed with the yarn and jute these days. Making Tussles/ Pom- poms is my favorite hobby .I am so excited to show the final result of a project I posted on Facebook page last week,Its one of my favorite and quick DIY with limited supplies  I have done so far.


I wanted a hanging planter,either a macramé ones or just a plastic ones for my Master Bedroom.I even tried to DIY some macrame but didnt like them much.I made this super easy DIY wooden plate hanging planter like a pro.Love it !


Supplies Needed

Wooden plate/Saucer

Yarn or Twine

Wooden Beads.

I used my staple gun and a key  ring.



All You need to do is roughly cut two 40 inch yarn pieces,make an X and place wooden plate over it. I stapled it down like this,now grab all the four pieces and tie a knot.You can cut the yarn in desired lenght ,Tie a knot 5 inches away from the end of the yarn .Add a wooden bead,tie another knot above the bead.


I added wooden bead,make another knot and tie a loop or attach a key ring .I glued the open yarn string ,and complete it by adding another smaller wooden bead.


For the bottom I finished by adding a tussle, you can make a contrasting color or whatever you like.I simply wrap the same colored yarn on a small card/wallet and make a tussle (will do a tutorial how to make tussles and pom-pom).I Tied the tussle and hang it in my bedroom


I just love this simple and quick DIY .I added a plant pot and It look amazingly great and refreshing.


If you like can  paint or stain the wooden saucer,but I love this as it is!!



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