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Bonne Fète Canada!!

Pak sar zameen….or O’Canada…??

Yes I am sailing in two boats…my heart is in back home and here aswell…When I am here I do miss everything back home more likely every day…but when I visit back home I do miss the  Canadian comfort.and we are very much use too of it but still..its really not easy to live that far from your family and friends ,especially for me who, belongs to a very loving and huge family and a big friends circle.

I landed 13 years ago, 3 months Right after I got married,at that time I had  never imagined to come that far from Pakistan.It was a very hot and humid afternoon of mid June and had a very long flight(first time ever) with mixed feeling..yes I was very excited to start my new life with my better half and sad to leave everyone there….from that day till now I have learnt (experiences ) alot,explore more(including myself aswell ) never  ever got discriminated in anyways…Not being a muslim not as A Pakistani.

I am proud Canadian, born and raised in Pakistan holds all *rights* that any other Candian born has..You wear hijab or skirt that doesnt effect anything at all….did I say I love this land yes …I DO…I equally love both land where I  born and raised and where im living currently with my beloved husband and  Canadian born(Pakistani) kids…💕

We are celebrating 150 Anniversary of Canada  with a pride…..Yes this a true equal opportunity land..and going to see fireworks and whatelse yes lots of activites going on aroundreceived_10155200001860791

Had that yummy cake at community lunch at local superstore…..

…and   going to spend this weekend with family and will sày proudly..yes I am proud Canadian Muslim Living in a land of love,respect and equality!!

Bonne Fète Canada (Happy Birthday Canada)!!


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