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DIY Vintage Cup Scented Candle

I am wondering where did this long awaited summer go but it was most amazing and busiest summer ever for sure Allhumdillah. Kids are back to school and Hopefully  I am back on my blog regularly as well.I have so many projects that should be featured but also many lined up to be completed as well.

here I am sharing one of the simplest,cutest DIY I have ever made,literally took  mins .

You can either make it for any occasion, wrap it and give anyone as a gift or keep it home like me.

21557771_10155411914480791_3488219747249142375_nAll you need

A cup with saucer (I got a little vintage small-sized )

Candle wax and Thread ( from craft store)

E-6000 or any strong clear glue.

Fragrance oil of your choice(mine is Tobacco Flower  home fragrance)

First attach the cup  and saucer with Glue ,leave it for an hour so it attached together.Now carefully wrap the wax cord around a pen/stick like the pic.Rub or pour few drops of home fragrance oil to the inner surface of the cup.


Melt the wax in any(old) pan over a low flame  and pour the melted wax into the cup.Leave it for 1 hour or so,let it settled.Now unwrapped the cord and cut it in desire size.


Lighten it up and enjoy it at your candle light dinner.



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