Mid Week Fave!

Mid-week Fave!

I know ,being so irregular here so I thought , I should start a weekly series to get back on track.I will be posting my random stuff hopefully every week (or every other week ) in this midweek-faves!Good na..so you can peek what’s happening here…This is “test post” so let me know if you like it so I will be trying NOT to be lazy here at least!

Today is officially last day of summer…that’s mean I need to be prepared for the up coming cold days that lasts more than 6 months but I don’t want to even think about it.We are having couple of hot weeks so I am planning to get maximum outdoor fun with family.Schools are open and we are back on track and  I get some time to do DIY and shopping ..and yes short-term gardening..


Block printing is the HOT trend in both eastern and western wear now a days…Even I have seen some  Block printed items at Home Decor stores here.I know back home ,I did get it done from specific shops, here,no luck…but luckily I found it!!so happy to find this my very own block printing Block.


This bottle of organic olive oil is a gift.I haven’t used it yet but I loved it…it has basil inside.


These Magnets are  our recent trip to USA..but my Favorite is old round one my husband brought it from Pakistan. 21752236_10155444180815791_3955852368939528448_n


I will be doing some random stuff on my “To Do” list …Oh Yes! I have a surprise for you guys too…stay tuned!!

what you guys are doing this week.Tell me about yours?


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