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The Best Of 2017

Its been a year since I am writing this blog, literally had some Roller coaster days and other hand I was enjoying my Merry Go Rounds.Ups and Downs are part of life and it’s so good to have a Blessed life in my Nest. Allhumdillah for everything I have, I Cant be thankful enough.

This year is going to be over in few days and it would be fun to take a look back at top Five posts of the year 2017 together.


My year started with the biggest Renovation so far, My kitchen renovation was one of the projects I still feel proud to share. It took almost 2 months to do my budget  Kitchen Make Over….Reveal!and got so many compliments and it definitely a turning point in my blog life.

received_10154705590515791An organized home is always been my dream home.I always want to have things organized, it means to de-clutter and makes a system to put things back where they belong in a fraction of the time.I made the Toys Organizer and I just love to have it because I don’t need a hand if I want to move around.

20171017_135309My blog is actually my DIY diary and I rarely post other than my DIY/ projects.I DIY Hairpin Legs Bench from scratch and I love, how it turns out.

20171019_135657If you have a passion to have indoor plants like me than this still one of easiest DIY Hanging Plant Shelf I have ever made so far.

20171005_191343I don’t post recipes much but trust me I love cooking.This Fruity Alaska Is one of my favorite and most popular post of 2017.

Just in case I missed any of Your favorites, feel free to leave a note in comments.Any suggestion, critics nice words/ bad words (huh…?)…I would love to hear all.Thanks for being here!

This year is going to end in few days, I wish you all A very Happy New Year.Hope You have a wonderful  Year ahead…..I have so many exciting projects and works are in for 2018…so Keep Reading!!



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Deodorize Your Home!

Desi food is no doubt delicious but the strong smell of food even with kitchen exhaust on never welcome your guest to step in.Even  I don’t have party or guest invited  I always made some DIY or light up scented candles as soon as I finish cooking especially during winter when all windows need to be closed, zero ventilation because we have our heating on almost six months or over.

Let’s discuss, what I do!!

Method: 1

Home Made Stove Pot Pourri

Stovetop  Pot-pourri is my favorite DIY to deodorized my kitchen, Its absorb all the aroma of the strong smell of fish, spices/Turmeric etc.

I do make it often but need to change every week as fresh fruit gets rotten.It’s easy and budget-friendly, all you need following ingredients in Mason Jar.


Lime and Lemon: 1 each

Cinnamon stick: 2

Bay Leaves: 1-2

Rosemary leaves: 3-4

Mint Leaves:1/2 Bunch

Star Anise ( Badiyan )

Cut all citrus fruits into thick slices.Take any mason/glass jar, Remove lid from the cap of the Mason jar with the ring on.


Set All dry ingredient inside, Add fruit slices.Place this jar near the stove, you all set to go!!I love the aroma of citrus Rosemary near my stove, it helps eliminate the strong smell.


If you don’t have Mason Jar, take any glass jar and drill small holes or even take the lid out.Change your potpourri every other week and enjoy Citrus  Rosemary while you cook.

Method: 2

Scented Candles:


I love lightening up Candles, easy and affordable.If you remember I DIY one Here.


It’s easy to make but if you don’t have ingredients, store-bought also a hit.I love to buy candles and I have them around my house.




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Its been a year since I am sharing stuff with you guys and I want to say a BIG thank you for all the support and encouragement I got after writing here on my blog.My blog followers are growing Allhumdillah and I am learning new things and explore myself every single day.

So it’s Anniversary time…I will be going to a recap later but the fact is I love to have you guys with me so its perfect time to let you guys know a bit about myself.People often ask me who am I, where do I live etc.

I thought to share some random fact or FAQs with you guys, as I am still too shy to post Pics /personal stuff.

Ten Random Facts About Me.

  1. I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. I have completed my Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Karachi.
  2. I have 4 sisters and one elder brother and a set of loving and caring parents.
  3. I married a loving husband in 2004 and it was total arranged marriage.
  4. Currently living in Ontario, Canada and its been almost 13 years to be living as a permanent resident/Citizen in this awesome land.I hate Canadian Extreme cold winter but I do love this country A lot!
  5. I have three munchkins,1 girl who is going to be 12 and 2 boys(5&10).
  6. My kids are my strength and at the same time, they are my weakness.
  7. I am proud to be a junky, I love to shop cheap/ sale and believe To make it beautiful (customized).At my home, 60% stuff is either DIY or repainted.
  8. I learn every day no matter what but I learned a lot from my own mistakes.
  9. I love simple food and  I love to cook for people I love!!.
  10. I miss my country, my family, and friends, Pakistani street /Karachi University food, And yes Desi wedding vibes almost every other day.

So that’s all for me now If I skip something just leave a note…Thank You, guys…Love Ya!!


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From Drab to Fab!

Winter brings dry fruits, dry skin and sweaters.I don’t like Canadian winter much but  love sweaters,shawls and cardigans. I am OK to go for neutral and warm tones for myself but for kids, A Big NO!!!I always want bright and fun colors for them, but it’s really hard to find winter stuff if your kid is tween.


This Turtle neck sweater was so boring and dull for a Tween girl..I thought to give it a quick lift and make it trendy.You can update your outdated boring outfit/ sweatshirt by adding some colorful pom-pom in just 10 You can say its a “10 minute Challenge”…so Get ,set and GO!!

24058718_10155633859760791_2740486922320138587_n (1)

If you remember I used these pom-pom here.I thought lets give this boring turtle neck sweater into fun and colorful make over.



It’s so easy ,I would suggest you to stitch them.You may use glue but personally I don’t waste time that comes out after a use.Her sleeves were little bit bigger than her size so I folded and over lapped it.Now stitch a pompom with matching needle and thread.Make a pattern and that’s it!!



Isn’t it so easy ,make a pattern of your choice .Use some funky or sober or even fluorescent pom-pom , make to love it more.

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Grow Tomatoes In Your Kitchen Garden

I really don’t know where did September go, we are having some confused weather here.Turning heat on one day and other day we need to turn the AC on but I always love  the fresh air coming right from my back yard door.I always enjoy the back view of my home no matter whats the weather outside.

Every spring/summer we(Me & my husband) go to local nursary and I always buy some vegetables and some potting plants esp roses,although we  dont have much days to enjoy them but still love this activity every year.We didn’t plant much  vegetable except tomatoes this year because we had a very busy summer.Every day I get a basket full of Cherry Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes, they are so juicy and fresh.

22089267_10155474398450791_2236800052795098572_nEverybody including my friends were telling me about shortage/rise of tomatoes prices in local market in Pakistan.Even I saw some jokes on social media to get bank loans to buy over priced tomatoes…lol…joke apart!!

I thought to share some personal tips  to grow your own vegetables like tomatoes ,pepper,and herbs like mint and cilantro ,that are so easy to plant and yes they are organic right in your own kitchen/balcony and most important super cheap.

You can plant tomatoes in small yard or even in a large pot.It simple and easy and you don’t need much effort or hassle.


22089495_10155474398135791_1618306518209496869_nWeather of South Asia is so perfect and it is the easiest vegetable I have ever planted.Normally I buy small plant (Paniyri) but few years back I harvested them right from the seed.It takes 4 weeks to get plants from the seed .

22137282_10155475287780791_1893527378158052920_oYou can DIY and get your seeds by Sun dried method..All you need to do is keep the seedy portion in sunlight for 3 days,when it dried completely ,plant it 1/2 inch soil down in the planting pot.Water the plant twice a week and keep that pot in door at room temperature till you get them out of the seed and see those little leaves.Now need to put it outside either in your yard or Balcony where you get maximum sun light and that it…Don’t forget to tie it or use tomato cages to support.

22196443_10155474398575791_2507942873175650916_nYou will get so many from just one plant that fair enough to use for your daily use and it is so fresh and tasty and make your dish more tasty as compare you get from local sabzi wala and you don’t even know the soil and water he used to plant them.We only get hot days couple of month but I love home-grown vegetables .

You can use the same method for dried coriander to get cilantro/ Hara Dhania,same as Mint and chili pepper .Both are prefect and can be grown in a small to large pot. That’s actually my husband’s hobby and we both enjoy it alot and share with friends too our home grown fresh vegetable .Do share what you like to grow?

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Style Diary

Raised your hand if you love Black like me.I love to carry black especially in evenings.I know black sounds weird to wear in summer but luckily (or not) we don’t have much heat alert days here.

Solid colored shirts are pretty much IN and it  good to style your one shirt with different accessories and you got different style every time yet not breaking your bank.


Warning : To be very honest I am not “Brand conscious” type girl until and unless I got it as a gift and on sale.

This plain shirt is my recent find on flat 40% sale at Urban Planet.I love the recent western fashion of knee length long shirts,(otherwise I would have asked my mom to send from Pakistan.)so its easy to get them here.I focus more on cut rather than brand.

I paired up my solid plain black long shirt with different bottoms and accessories .Lets Have a look.20638344_10155327808335791_2522090130204086076_n

Shirt:Urban Planet

Trouser:Urban Planet

Shoes :Pay Less Shoes

Bag : H&M online

Necklace: Old collection

Watch:Mother’s Day gift From my daughter


I love Khussa who doesnt?Everything is pretty much same just change the shoes  and add scarf.

Kundan Khussa:My Husband’s Trip to Pakistan

Scarf : Urban planet


Again the same shirt but paired with my Favorite skinny jeans and floral scarf with Gold Bangles and I am good to go anywhere.


Scarf : Urban Planet

Bangles:H&M online



Bag : Coach (Gift from sister)

Scarf : Urban Planet

Bracelet : Mark work’s wear.

If You have weight issue, Black is perfect to contour your body shape,just grab a perfect cut and style and you good to go.I would suggest you to get a simple black perfectly stitched shirt and paired it with different bottoms.

From now will try to post my weekly finds could be make up,accessories and yes my favorite home decor..sounds interesting and yes I am excited!!

Let me know what your style…?

(Again Not a sponsored post)


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Bonne Fète Canada!!

Pak sar zameen….or O’Canada…??

Yes I am sailing in two boats…my heart is in back home and here aswell…When I am here I do miss everything back home more likely every day…but when I visit back home I do miss the  Canadian comfort.and we are very much use too of it but still..its really not easy to live that far from your family and friends ,especially for me who, belongs to a very loving and huge family and a big friends circle.

I landed 13 years ago, 3 months Right after I got married,at that time I had  never imagined to come that far from Pakistan.It was a very hot and humid afternoon of mid June and had a very long flight(first time ever) with mixed feeling..yes I was very excited to start my new life with my better half and sad to leave everyone there….from that day till now I have learnt (experiences ) alot,explore more(including myself aswell ) never  ever got discriminated in anyways…Not being a muslim not as A Pakistani.

I am proud Canadian, born and raised in Pakistan holds all *rights* that any other Candian born has..You wear hijab or skirt that doesnt effect anything at all….did I say I love this land yes …I DO…I equally love both land where I  born and raised and where im living currently with my beloved husband and  Canadian born(Pakistani) kids…💕

We are celebrating 150 Anniversary of Canada  with a pride…..Yes this a true equal opportunity land..and going to see fireworks and whatelse yes lots of activites going on aroundreceived_10155200001860791

Had that yummy cake at community lunch at local superstore…..

…and   going to spend this weekend with family and will sày proudly..yes I am proud Canadian Muslim Living in a land of love,respect and equality!!

Bonne Fète Canada (Happy Birthday Canada)!!