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Bonne Fète Canada!!

Pak sar zameen….or O’Canada…??

Yes I am sailing in two boats…my heart is in back home and here aswell…When I am here I do miss everything back home more likely every day…but when I visit back home I do miss the  Canadian comfort.and we are very much use too of it but still..its really not easy to live that far from your family and friends ,especially for me who, belongs to a very loving and huge family and a big friends circle.

I landed 13 years ago, 3 months Right after I got married,at that time I had  never imagined to come that far from Pakistan.It was a very hot and humid afternoon of mid June and had a very long flight(first time ever) with mixed feeling..yes I was very excited to start my new life with my better half and sad to leave everyone there….from that day till now I have learnt (experiences ) alot,explore more(including myself aswell ) never  ever got discriminated in anyways…Not being a muslim not as A Pakistani.

I am proud Canadian, born and raised in Pakistan holds all *rights* that any other Candian born has..You wear hijab or skirt that doesnt effect anything at all….did I say I love this land yes …I DO…I equally love both land where I  born and raised and where im living currently with my beloved husband and  Canadian born(Pakistani) kids…💕

We are celebrating 150 Anniversary of Canada  with a pride…..Yes this a true equal opportunity land..and going to see fireworks and whatelse yes lots of activites going on aroundreceived_10155200001860791

Had that yummy cake at community lunch at local superstore…..

…and   going to spend this weekend with family and will sày proudly..yes I am proud Canadian Muslim Living in a land of love,respect and equality!!

Bonne Fète Canada (Happy Birthday Canada)!!


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Hi Everyone,

I am back after a longest break ever, was extremely   busy along with sick kids.Weather is unexpectedly  calm and temperature  fluctuates frequently from -18 to +10, means be prepared for viral and allergies .Dont think I am unhappy but dealing kids in this weather is a battle.One day they have to bundle up with thermal wear ,snow pants ,boots and hat on the very next day they want to wear just a hoodie.You dont know how many layers you need until and unless it’s an extreme  cold warning.Thats make everybody  sick especially babies ànd  young kids.

I still remember  an early spring night when my youngest  child(3rd one) coughed so horrible  and we rushed to hospital  because we havent had that experience before.My two elder kids never had such type of cough.If you know that barking sound that’s commonly known  as “Croup”.Its a viral infection of vocal cord(voice box) and wind pipe.thats most common cough in North America  usually  kids under age of 6 are affected.A runny nose and night time cough similar to “dog bark” are the symptoms  of croup,your child may have 99°-100°F temperature.

If temperature  goes up and symptoms  last more than 3 days you must visit and let your  child seen by a doctor immediately  ,he may need steroids and other treatments.

I am not a Doctor neither I am an expert but these are simple precautions  and remedies you can do at home and make your kid feel better .

Use humidifier and keep the room cozy for your croupy baby, if you don’t  have humidifier  put a bucket of water near his bed to keep his vocal track moist .

If he start coughing,try to take him for a walk in fresh air for half and hour. If you are unable to go out because of  harsh weather just open a window and ask him to breathe in and out.

You can open your freezer and ask him to breathe, that’s also soothe the vocal track,sound  weird I know but it helps a lot.

Last but not least,Open your hot water and let steam filled your washroom and take him with you and give him a steam bath with door closed,ask him to breathe  harder.These simple tricks help me alot,it might gets few days to cough and fever go away but if its getting worst your child  must seen by a Doctor.

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DIY Masks For Hair and Skin

Hi everyone,

If you are a mom ,you hardly get time to pamper your self.Going salon and spa is out of question till your kids  start their school.I am a lazy person , can easily spend a year without a hair cut or any other treatment and I am sharing my DIY masks for hair and face that can easily be done at home and give instant glow and shine to your skin and hair.

Red lentil and Orange peel facial mask:

Red Lentil :2tbs

Orange peel:1-2

Milk : 2 tbs

Honey :1 tsp


This mask can be stored in fridge for 2 weeks and you can use it 2-3 times a week.All you need to soak  red lentil (masoor daal) and orange peel overnight in milk.Milk will be absorbed by above ingredients, now,grind the mixture without any other liquid .Store in a clean and dry glass jar ,store in fridge door.

Whenever you want to use,, mix this mixture with honey .Apply it for 10 mins,let it dry.Rinse it off with water.

Avacado mask for skin

You need,

half or 1 tbs riped Avacado

1tsp honey

1/2 tsp lemon juice.


Mesh the riped Avacado in a bowl,add honey and lemon juice mix well.Apply for 15 mins.rinse  with water.

For hair:

Avacado  mask for hair gives you shine and frequent use make your hair long and healthy.Apply once a week .

Avacado:1 tbs riped

Mustard oil:1 tbs



Combined above ingredients ,apply as a hair mask.Leave for 15 mins,rinse well.shampoo if required.

These masks can be used for all type of skin and hair.Must try !you gonna love it!!


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Rush for Teacher’s gift??


Hi there,

December not only come along with chilly winds and snow but makes us excited to get some holidays to spend a nice family time together . It’s less than a week left for winter holidays,kids are having fun and activities nowdays.Last week before winter vacations is actually party time.I used to give gifts a day before Eid-ul-Fitar to share joy of festiveness with their fellows, thats mostly goodie bags for kids contain,chocolates, craft item (crayons etc),small toy and candy or lollypop depending on age and grades.I will show when i will be doing that.Teacher’s gift I preferred  to give before winter vacations  because at middle of school year ,after so much  stress one needs to get some appreciation to get back to work again.

Buying a gift is very hard and getting something as a gift for the person you know and interact almost every other day but  you actually don’t know what he/she likes,needs and wants.You need to know some Do’s and Dont’s before spending money.I worked as a teacher for few months and I absolutely  love  that job.Kids admire you and noticed you from head to toe.Lets discuss it as a general discussion on both side being  a teacher what I want or like or being a parent of three kids how much and what I can afford.

Depending on your budget,gift cards are always a hit.I would recommend  you to get a gift card from chapter’s, Tim  Horton  or some super stores like walmart or Sears.


For ‘male’ teacher you may give him a box of chocolate  and cookies along with  coffee jar.For female  teacher a Spa or beauty treatment  would  be great .It depends  how much you want to  spend.You may get some gift sets that ready to gift.15609222_10154616102010791_848043764_o (1).jpg

You may get some affordable  edible items like box of chocolate,cookies ,dry fruits and chocolate  eggs.It would be a great gift for both male or female teacher, you may even bake at home but make sure write ingredient before you give away.Dont give item that has peanuts ,you never know who handle your gift is.


Last year I had two female teachers to give them gifts and i knew that they are very trendy and stylish ,I saw them wearing scarfs so i gave both of them scarf  along with a card (made by my kids) & chocolates and they loved that.I have seen them wearing so it was worth  spending money.You can give cozy blankets and sleep suit but it would be expensive and if you more than two teachers to give, you might go beyond your budget.


Dont buy mug ,”I love you teacher” notes or “best teacher ever “picture frame  etc,believe me they get every year such things .They will like a hand written appreciation card by student more than mugs and frames.Dont buy things that has sizes,like shirts,cardigan.I wont suggest you to give them bags or wallets,these thing are so personal to gift.

Go out the box and observe  while you see and meet them every time.Spend under your budget .You dont need to get an expensive  gift ,its more important to appreciate them..give them “that” note!

“You are doing wonderful job!”

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From My Diary

Hi everyone ,

Having my tea right now,looking outside its pretty crazy here in Ontario Canada.We are having early winter unlike past few years,it’s so cold outside,feels like -25°c.It’s literally not a joke especially  for me who born and raised where temperature  hardly goes down to  20° but here its just a normal day ,everything is open, even kids sent outside during recess to play for about 40 mins (I know , poor kids).Life here is like that,kids need to be used too of this harsh and cold weather that last till end of April.I feel so blessed to be a home stayed mom,  having a centrally heated house ,feeling so warm  and cozy.I dont have to wear layers of clothes inside.

I  was feeling really depressed  and sad  since last week for multiple  reasons.Life goes on,no matter what,this is the reality.You just need to be thankful what you have!! stay blessed!