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Hi Everyone,

I am back after a longest break ever, was extremely   busy along with sick kids.Weather is unexpectedly  calm and temperature  fluctuates frequently from -18 to +10, means be prepared for viral and allergies .Dont think I am unhappy but dealing kids in this weather is a battle.One day they have to bundle up with thermal wear ,snow pants ,boots and hat on the very next day they want to wear just a hoodie.You dont know how many layers you need until and unless it’s an extreme  cold warning.Thats make everybody  sick especially babies ànd  young kids.

I still remember  an early spring night when my youngest  child(3rd one) coughed so horrible  and we rushed to hospital  because we havent had that experience before.My two elder kids never had such type of cough.If you know that barking sound that’s commonly known  as “Croup”.Its a viral infection of vocal cord(voice box) and wind pipe.thats most common cough in North America  usually  kids under age of 6 are affected.A runny nose and night time cough similar to “dog bark” are the symptoms  of croup,your child may have 99°-100°F temperature.

If temperature  goes up and symptoms  last more than 3 days you must visit and let your  child seen by a doctor immediately  ,he may need steroids and other treatments.

I am not a Doctor neither I am an expert but these are simple precautions  and remedies you can do at home and make your kid feel better .

Use humidifier and keep the room cozy for your croupy baby, if you don’t  have humidifier  put a bucket of water near his bed to keep his vocal track moist .

If he start coughing,try to take him for a walk in fresh air for half and hour. If you are unable to go out because of  harsh weather just open a window and ask him to breathe in and out.

You can open your freezer and ask him to breathe, that’s also soothe the vocal track,sound  weird I know but it helps a lot.

Last but not least,Open your hot water and let steam filled your washroom and take him with you and give him a steam bath with door closed,ask him to breathe  harder.These simple tricks help me alot,it might gets few days to cough and fever go away but if its getting worst your child  must seen by a Doctor.

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