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DIY Play Dough

March /Spring break  just started here and kids are home for more than a week.I am planning to do some indoor activities  and crafts with them as much as possible to get their eyes out of the gadgets.

Soft or play dough is highly recommended  for preschoolers and toddlers to improve their “Fine Motor Skills”.It helps to make  their muscles stronger and strengthen grip .So allow your kids to use play dough ,I know its messy thing to do but its ok you can give him with a sheet down to the floor or a carpet.

I am sharing two ingredients DIY play dough recipe with you and I am quite sure you have these two ingridents handy/home.I made this with my kids and we all enjoy it alot.Play dough or soft dough you can find any craft /toy store easily but if you can make at home it will be so much  fun…trust me…lets start.


You will need just two ingredients.

Any Shampoo with Conditioner: 1 cup

Corn starch/flour: 2 cups

Food color (optional)

Method :

You need to measure the shampoo but it *must* have conditioner , now add color into it in a big bowl.I didnt have any food color other than regular yellow food powder (zarda rung),I simply mixed water and make it (if you don’t have it ,you can still make white soft play dough)Now start adding corn flour and make a dough.Kneed it untill your dough is not sticky any more.You can check the consistency ,its Aleeza started playing right after we make it.

20170311_122748.jpgThe dough is ready you can store it in a zip lock  or tin /air tight  container  so it wont dry .We stored it in empty cookie tin .

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