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Honey Chicken (Hakka Chinese)

Hi Everyone,

I love cooking and I do enjoy it(..everyday.???..yes I cook every day..).but cooking for picky eater is a challenging  task.Deciding what to cook harder than cooking itself…most of mom agree with me right?

Chinese food  is my family favorite..I am so sorry ,I don’t have any before / during pic.I was experimenting / creating it for very first time and I had absolutely no idea how it will turn out…If you have tasted recipes in hakka chinese restaurant  than you might know, how they used to make different taste/recipes by alternating same ingredients. You just need to have those taste buds. ..I am sharing a very easy restaurant style honey chicken you will love it I  am sure.I was really unsure but my food/taste inspector aka my husband  passed it so I thought , better write it down here before I too forget what Ingridents I used( it’s a fact) ,Normally I don’t use any measurements but I tried my best to approximate  it for you…I am a very casual cook, please dont take me seriously. …(forget lots of hashes and brackets)…..its funny ,lets start and enjoy it


Chicken  boneless: 500 gms (cut in Julienne/strips)

For Marination:

Corn Flour :2 tbsp

All Purpose Flour :2 tbsp

Black Pepper:1/2 tsp

Egg : 1-2

Soya Sauce: 1 tsp

Salt: To  Taste

Combine above ingredients and marinate boneless chicken for 40 mins

For sauce:

Ketchup:1/2 cup

Soya Sauce:2 tsp

Worceshtershire Sauce :1 Tbs

Tomato Paste :2-3 tbsp

Chili / Hot Sauce:1 tsp

Honey: 3 tsp

Red Chilli Flakes 1-2 tsp

Garlic Chopped:2 tsp

Ginger Chopped:1 tsp

Chinese Salt:1 tsp

Black Pepper  :1 tsp

Vinegar :1 tsp

Chicken Broth  (optional but enhances the taste):1 cup

Sesame Seeds  : 1tsp ( optional )

Sesame  Oil: 1 tsp

Oil: As Required


Heat oil in a large wok , fry the marinated  chicken to golden brown and set a side the whole batch.In same oil,fry garlic first,saute it add Worcestershire sauce, ketch up and tomato sauce mixed it well.Add soya sauce and hot sauce.

Add spices now, chilli flakes, black pepper, chinese salt and salt, mixed well add chicken broth/water .cook it for 5 mins when sauce is ready add honey and vinegar. Now its time to add fried chicken stripes ,mixed well and coat it with sauce.Dry or gravy its up to you.We love saucy so I add more broth (and add 1 tsp corn flour mixed with water to thicken  sauce.)

Cook chicken with sauce on medium heat for 10 min , add sesame seed and sesame oil and leave it on very low heat for another 10 mins.Dish out and enjoy with boiled/fried rice.I know someone personally  who  has sesame seed / oil allergy so please make sure before you use it ,it’s an optional ingredient.


Do try it ,you will love it I am sure!!

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