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DIY Pom-Pom Bracelet


I have a crush on pom-pom and tussles nowadays, I made and used them around my house.I bought ready-made assorted sized pom-pom(You can also DIY them from yarn) from the craft store for Bilal for his JK activities.


I am going share this cute DIY bracelet and It brings me back to my teenage life… I wish I did the video tutorial or go live.It’s really hard to explain but I captured everything so you will see how easy it is, so be ready for lots of pictures.

Let’s start!!


You will need

Gold /Silver chain

Pom-Pom(I used small-sized)




I opened the chain and cut the desired size( almost 18 cm) out and add Jump/End ring .Now separate few segments from the chain.


Take a pom-pom and insert an Eye-pin and carefully lock it down from the sharp side with the help of pillars.


Attach the Pom-pom with the help of chain segment to that(inserted) Eye-pin.Use any color or pattern.I used some funky colored pom-pom.You can always mix and match.


It’s so much fun to wear it, I would definitely make more for my self and to give as a gift.If you don’t find Eye-pins, You can easily attach it to matching color thread.



I did one to explain to you how to with thread.All you need to stitch /attach the segment with help of thread to the pom-pom and then attach that segment to the chain.


Isn’t simple and cute DIY that can be shared with your Best Friend.Make two identical and give one to your BFF/Sister etc (I made one for Aleeza as well ).It’s so much fun to DIY and I love wearing it, reminds me I am still young..brings back to me in my student’s life…lol

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