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Tie & Dyed Tangerine Cushion

I admit It was one of my wish to have a “Tie and Dyed” custom piece in my home.I had so many Tie and Dyed dupattas even Saree in my Jehaz and I just love to have them.It was done by professional  Rungraz back home (sadly we don’t have such services here).I couldn’t wear plain Dupatay/ scarf, and no clue why I am like that!

I am so excited! I’ve made my very own Tie and Dyed cushion, and yes it is a great success!! Are you ready!!

20171118_130336.jpgI used powdered Dye in “Tangerine Orange”, it’s a small pack of 50 gm.Liquid dye is easy to use but it’s expensive so I thought let’s try this small packet first if it gets fail I will stop dreaming about it…make sense right!

let’s start!


Fabric Dye (Liquid /powdered)

Fabric( cotton/canvas )

Stainless steel Bowl/Bucket

Rubber Bands



Prepare your fabric first, I was making two 12×20 pillows so I cut the fabric accordingly.Fold the fabric and start tying it with a rubber band.Tie and until the end of the fabric.

20171116_112504.jpgwear your gloves and cover the surface.Boil water now pour the hottest water to any stainless(spare) steel bowl Since the dye is not food grade so you won’t be able to use it for food after. Mix hand full of salt, I would say about 3-4 Tbs and Dye powder to water mix well.


Now Dip the tied fabric into the Dye and dip it with the help of a tong.Leave fabric about 40 mins, rotate fabric in meantime.


Rinse fabric until the water clears out, now add salt to cold water and dip this fabric for 20 mins to fix the dye.Now untie the fabric and remove the rubber band.


Let it air dry it, It was so cold outside that’s why I hang fabric in my laundry room overnight.I ironed it and made cushions similar to this one.Its simple and required basic sewing skills.


This Tie and Dyed cushions are perfect for  Accent chairs I bought recently from Target USA for my living room.


Isn’t look good? It’s so easy and so much fun DIY. Now I am more confident to try some new things/Projects… Stay tuned!!

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