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Weekend Special : Yakhni Pulao

I just realized its been ages I shared any recipe here with you guys, it doesn’t mean I am off to cook but usually, I cook and completely forget to take pictures, after all this is something me and you doing as a routine.So, it’s me back to my kitchen with a popular Pakistani recipe Pulao (Pilaf).

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Desi dawat is incomplete without Biryani or Pulao, personally, I love pulao.Less spice, easy(less mess) and kids friendly (kind of Favourite ).My mom used to make it almost every Friday, I miss that aroma and taste.Ammi!!Your pulao is the best.

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I am sharing authentic Yakhni Pulao recipe with you guys, let’s start!!


Meat:1 kg (veal/Chicken /Mutton)

For Yakhni :

Onion:1 medium

Garlic:1 whole Bunch

Whole Red Pepper:6-7

Whole Garam Masala:1/2 tsp each

Cumin (Zeera) :1Tsp

coriander whole (sabut Dhaniya):1 Tbs

Saunf  (Aniseed)1 Tbs


In a cooking pot boiled meat with all above ingredients with 4 cup of water till meat tender and water becomes half.Separate meat and save this yakhni (I used stainer).

For Pulao Rice:

Onion:1 medium sliced

Whole garam masala:1 Tbs

Ginger and garlic paste: 1 tbs

Oil: 1/4 cup

Rice:1 kg (Soaked in water at least 30 mins)

Yogurt:1 cup

Yogurt Masala:

Green Cardamom (Sabz Ilaichi): 1 Tsp

Cumin (Zeera): 1 Tbs

Nutmeg (Jaifal) & Mace (Javitri):1/2 tsp

whole spice ( Sabut Garam Masala)= 1/2 tsp each

Grind the above ingredients in a coffee grinder, mix it with 1 cup yogurt, set aside


Heat oil, fry onion add whole spice, saute for few mins. Add boiled meat, ginger garlic paste.Now add the yogurt mixture and fry the meat for few minutes.



Add soaked rice, mix them together gently, now add prepared yakhni in it.Yakhni should be 1 inch above from the meat and rice.

Check salt if it less, add according to your taste ..Put the flame on high till water absorbed.Now turn the flame on low and dum (steamed cooking) for 15 minutes.Add zarda rung if you want. Pulao is ready, served hot with salad, Raita, and Red Chili Garlic chatni (It’s my in-Law’s must to go with pulao thing ! ).



Let me know if you try this recipe, or even share how do you guys make it at your home?


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