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Coffee Vanilla Sugar Scrub

20171106_180827I have normal skin but it gets dry during winter.We have to turn our heating on over 6 months that means no fresh air and it makes the skin so dry.I need to moisturize every time I wash my hands and feet. I showed you guys the body butter, I got from Winner’s but I need to use a scrub to get rid dead skin especially during my bath.I made my own sugar scrub and I  highly recommended you to make one for your self.It exfoliates dead cells and you feel the difference after a single use.


You Will Need!

White Cane Sugar:1/2 cup

Brown or Golden sugar:1/2 cup

Coconut oil: 5-6 Tbs

Grounded Coffee: 1/4 cup

Vanilla Essence:1 Tbs

Cinnamon: 1 Stick (Optional )

Glass Jars


Mix white and golden sugar together, Add coconut oil gradually and check the consistency of the scrub.Coconut oil should be at room temperature, so it should be combined with sugar and give a rich buttery texture.Add coffee and Vanilla essence, Don’t  add too much coffee.Mix everything well, add cinnamon grated or powder.



I didn’t melt coconut oil and Mix everything well and store in a glass jar.You can store up to 8 weeks at room temperature or up to three months if you keep in the fridge . If you scoop it up, you will feel the sugar grain.Rub the scrub on your skin even on your face, it will remove dead skin and give you a glow.(Azmaiyash shart hy ).


I love using it during my shower and love the warm smell of coffee and Vanilla.Its very easy, A must try DIY that will not only exfoliate and but also moisturize your skin.

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