Mid Week Fave!

Mid-Week Fave!!

We already * fall back * an hour that means we have shorter days and longer nights…It just takes a day or so to get adjusted according to it like school (every business) has same hours etc…It happened last weekend and I am trying hard to adjust my body clock according to it.The only thing got to change is our prayer timings and Now I pray for an hour earlier than usual.20171108_140205

Weather is getting colder day by day, Fall is at its peak….changing colors and falling leaves make the scene so beautiful….and sooner we will get our very first snow of the year..huh…


I ordered this sequins pillow from Wish for Aleeza, she loves it a lot.This changing reversible pillow is available everywhere but quite costly, I ordered online from wish and it came pretty fast, love the quality and pretty affordable.

20171109_075857These cute little Jhumkis I got from Harbour Front outdoor vendors couple of months ago and I am surprised to get them here, its kind of Traditional Pakistani stuff.I wear them even with my western wear.

20171103_104110These cute and little pair of slipper are actually table weights. I really love this pair of slippers and Daisy.I bought from Avon.ca.I am going to use them somewhere so soon.

I supposed to post this last week but was busy in a couple of things.Let me know whats happening your end.





Mid Week Fave!

Mid-Week Fave!!

I got a great feedback on my *Midweek Fave* post.Thanks for liking it!!Me too, also love sharing stuff things with you guys.

I was looking for a good body butter to moisturize  my skin in cold and dry weather. I brought hand-made body butter with coconut oil from Winner’s.

22196317_10155485107590791_6925979556928137740_nIt’s very rich and moisturize my skin so well.I got this small tub,but im sure its enough for me at least 3 months.


I have a passion of collecting baskets and bins/buckets these days.I got these cute little buckets from Target USA. (I also seen similar at Micheal’s)


These little bins are perfect for my craft items,or even holding paint brushes / pens or can be used for party treats.


Last but not least very excited to show you these Gold Foil (or Sonay Ka Waraq) .I ordered online and going to use very soon ,Finger crossed!!

Why dont you guys tell me whats up there ??..love to hear..so share ya !!


Mid Week Fave!

Mid-Week Fave!!

We are having Thanksgiving this weekend, yes it is long weekend!!. .Have couple of plans already…,plus kids will be home so I will get more/less(?? ) time to get pending  things done?No Idea!

I am so so excited to show You guys my very first Blog labels.I had coupons and I used online at My LabelFactory.com.


I got sample size though but love them,Going to use them for sure.They do have so many options / designs to choose from like Nature,Animals,Cartoons and some other designs.I ordered some everyday labels for my kids aswell.

It’s perfect weather to wear just anything,you can wear your Boots or even your Sandals.I have a very long history of my love with Khussa. My besties are witnessed, I just love love  them, no matter what type of they are!

My all time favourite is Kundan Khussa ,you can check my favourtie here at Style Diary but recently I brought these beauties!!



I got from Local Flea Market , A very limited options to choose from. I love these embroidered ones and its little tight to me but I don’t care(I put wet newspaper overnight…and it WORKED ..Tip you know).I just love them.Getting them here is a blessing for me. Isn’t it?Embroidery is nicely done..Love the bright colors..Perfect Find!

What else!!

Recently got this Mark ” Draw TheLine” Liquid Eye Liner. I have very least make up skills but still can’t leave home without a liner and lipcolor. It is so so good.22221717_10155483667945791_4893732139182762252_n

This the best liner so far I used,One stroke goes well.I ordered online from Avon.ca . Its a water proof Eye Liner so I even did Wadu but it didn’t come off,so I thought I share it with you guys.

This is all for now,hope you love it…share with me whats your best and fave thing(s) you absoulty love!


Mid Week Fave!

Mid-week Fave!

I know ,being so irregular here so I thought , I should start a weekly series to get back on track.I will be posting my random stuff hopefully every week (or every other week ) in this midweek-faves!Good na..so you can peek what’s happening here…This is “test post” so let me know if you like it so I will be trying NOT to be lazy here at least!

Today is officially last day of summer…that’s mean I need to be prepared for the up coming cold days that lasts more than 6 months but I don’t want to even think about it.We are having couple of hot weeks so I am planning to get maximum outdoor fun with family.Schools are open and we are back on track and  I get some time to do DIY and shopping ..and yes short-term gardening..


Block printing is the HOT trend in both eastern and western wear now a days…Even I have seen some  Block printed items at Home Decor stores here.I know back home ,I did get it done from specific shops, here,no luck…but luckily I found it!!so happy to find this my very own block printing Block.


This bottle of organic olive oil is a gift.I haven’t used it yet but I loved it…it has basil inside.


These Magnets are  our recent trip to USA..but my Favorite is old round one my husband brought it from Pakistan. 21752236_10155444180815791_3955852368939528448_n


I will be doing some random stuff on my “To Do” list …Oh Yes! I have a surprise for you guys too…stay tuned!!

what you guys are doing this week.Tell me about yours?