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DIY Pom-Pom BookMarks


If You are a book reader and love colours then join me in the five-minute craft challenge. A DIY, you can try with your kids and have some fun by giving this book tag to your favourite person or your (Bookworm)Friend.


I made this cute book tags/marks and it takes hardly 5 minutes. You need a pom-pom (I bought some from Michael’s), paper clips and a hot glue gun.


I have a crush on rose gold nowadays and I bought rose gold paper clips from “Urban Planet”, you can use any type, size or colour that’s easily available craft stores or dollar stores.


All you need to do is, hot glue your pom-pom on the paperclip and make sure the clip is upside down. Put a little pressure and leave it to dry for few minutes. I always use rubber pad whenever I used my hot glue gun.

20180627_104935 I add this Book tag on the thank you card along with some Homemade Eucalyptus Pink Bath Salt for the year-end teacher’s gift this year.


I love these tags and made few for myself too…Isn’t it so cute, tag the favourite person you want to share with!!


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