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Fruity Alaska

I just love cooking and do enjoy creating new recipes.A couple of days ago I created a super easy recipe and everyone just loves it.Actually, I had some leftover and near to expired ingredients and I hate to waste anything especially food.Creating a new recipe is a risky fun but if Its a hit, I feel like Hit a Bingo!!

20171005_191343.jpg I sent pics and recipe to my younger sister, she named it “Fruity Alaska”…interesting name right? It’s very healthy and you can serve at any occasion.Birthday or potluck or any casual dinner even Its a hit at breakfast.Let’s Start!!



Cinnamon Bun Dough: 1 pkt

Eggs: 2-3r

Cream Cheese: 1 Pkt (8 oz)

Fresh Cream: 1 cup/can (Optional otherwise use Milk)

Condense milk / Sugar: according to Taste

Peaches: 3-4

Blue Berry: 1 hand full

Walnut: 1/2 cup


I used my hand blender and Blend Cream cheese and cream/milk at medium speed.Add eggs and condensed milk, I  used almost more than a can, blend everything on high speed. 20171005_180712.jpg

In a baking dish put pieces of cinnamon bun dough (You can Use any fruit bread instead), peach slices and blueberries. Carefully add the Cream cheese and egg mixture and settle it down for 10 mins.Add walnuts chunks.


Bake at 375°F for 30-40 mins, check in between with toothpick as soon it comes clean take it out.Do not over bake it.


I poured glaze that comes along with cinnamon bun dough.I served hot with ice cream and chocolate topping.  It’s very healthy and perfect for breakfast. Your kid will love it, I bet you…Enjoy!


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