Shami Kabab

I have seen many young and newly married( esp who got married abroad )find shami kabab is the hardest recipe,i love cooking and this recipe is my mom’s  recipe that has been modified by me just because of lack of typical desi utensils like sil-batta….lets begin!

Ingredients :

Veal boneless  meat:2 lbs

Split chickpea (channa dal):1 cup

Onion:1 medium (cut in 4/6 pieces )

Garlic cloves (5/6)

Whole red chillies (7/8)

Whole spice powder (1 .5tsp)

Salt (acc to taste)

Green masala (for stuffing)

Onion : 1 medium (omelet cut)

Cilantro (hara dhania ): 1/2 bunch

Mint leaves (podina): 1 bunch

Ginger: 1/2″ piece

Green chillies ( 6 / 8 )

Egg :1-2


In a large cooking pot ,add meat ,chana daal,onion,garlic,whole red pepper,salt and whole spice powder…add water 2-4 cups…i add 2.5 cups beacuse cooking time is less here (ofcourse here means in canada, dont know the reason but i will share my story about  it some day…)cook it on low flame until meat and lentil become tender…dry the remaining water on high flame ,set aside and let it cool.

If you have a sil batta or morsel it will be awesome because it enhances the flavor but i dont have it here and i have to use my food processor . .grind the cooked meat and lentils mixture ,place in bowl.

Chop onion(omelet  cut),mint leaves ,corriander,green chillies and ginger,and mix well with the kabab add eggs( the binding agent) makes kabab crispy and helps not breaking the shape during frying.

Make a round ball and press it in your palm and make a shape of flat round shami.., now heat oil in a frying pain for shallow frying on medium flame,place your kabab n fry it till it golden brown,turn it carefully with spatula and fry the otherside.

Shami is ready to serve hot with salad,chatni and chapatti,enjoy!!